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Every playercontrolled npc has a chance to improve his skills every hour by up to 1 star. Now better balanced!

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Last updated or tested for game versions: 6.0

V0.6: increases the base chance to level up and reduces the chance for higher levels. More info in the changelog above and the description below.

News: More content to be had, Offline Ventures are here!

Npcs seem to level a bit slow for my liking so i gave them a little incentive to learn some more. 
Every player controlled npc has a chance to improve his skills by 1 point (not star) every 20 minutes.
1 star equals 3 points, so the max points required for 5 stars are 15.

With v0.6 the base chance to level up (50%) is now divided by the amount of stars an npc has. (e.g. chances for Npcs with 0 or 1 Stars are 50%, 2 stars are 25%, 3 stars 16% etc.)  (Can be disabled)

The user can configure the mod to his personal wishes by changing a few values in learningallthethings/md/learningallthethings.xml 
Adjustable options include: 
- the possible skill increase gained every 20 minutes (default is 1 point (not star))
- the base chance to level up (default is 50%)
- enable / disable division of chance by stars (default is enabled, disable this to go back how the mod previously worked)
- enable / disable if skills to be improved should be limited to the npc's currently relevant skills (default is disabled)

The method used to apply passive experience does not interfere with the games usual way of applying experience to crew, so there won't be any disruption of their normal skilling behaviour.

Note: While ships are docked at stations, they won't receive any experience. I was asked not to change that as crew shouldn't get experience anyway when they're on station drowning their sorrows.  

Download the file, extract the learningallthethings folder and move it to your extensions folder. 
In case you don't have one yet, simply create it at the base directory of X4, so for a steam user it would be: Steam\steamapps\common\X4 Foundations\extensions

Simply remove the folder, no savegame issues whatsoever.