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Adds music from previous X-games with a big set of custom choices. For X4 3.00 ± Split Vendetta DLC 1.00, compatible with all but other music mods.

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Latest news
15 Apr. 2020: Legacy Music 1.10 for X4 3.00 and Split Vendetta DLC 1.00 is finally out! If you don't have Split Vendetta DLC everything will work regardless but anyway I suggest to support Egosoft efforts and buy it! In fact you can as well buy everything including the official soundtracks. You can read the full 1.10 changelog here. Don't forget to study the renewed packs and playlists overview section!
31 Mar. 2020: X4 3.00, Split Vendetta DLC 1.00 and its standalone soundtrack are finally out - good job Egosoft and Alexei Zakharov! In the meantime I'm already busy building the new Legacy Music 1.10. Development is going to take no less than a week for a handful of reasons. Firstly the "sound_library.xml" music logic has changed a lot plus there is now an added DLC that amends its own music logic changes and its presence varies on per-player basis - so I have to account for all of that, run various tests and work out the best code and distribution packaging. Secondly a new composition of faction track pools has to be developed mindful of the new Split Vendetta music. Thirdly my home city is currently undergoing a progressing SARS-CoV-2 quarantine lockdown but my office is one of the few that haven't been closed yet and we can't work remotely - so I have to go there, at least for the time being. As a COVID-19-related bonus to this news message I can tell you I've recently spoken to one my friend who is a working epidemiologist and parasitologist. He told me one of the first COVID-19 symptoms is a tickling sensation in the throat (which is the primary environment for the virus to live and multiply). Enforcing your immunity (taking vitamins and etc.) can be helpful as well as drinking a lot of water since it washes away some of the viral mass from the throat. With all the noise and fake news surrounding SARS-CoV-2 I find this info worthy and I hope you will too. Stay safe and tuned for the upcoming Legacy Music 1.10!
10 Oct. 2019: Data mining of X4 game folder has revealed that localization text files from "09.dat" archive contain possible names of upcoming X4 sectors. While some people believe this simply may be a legacy code ported from previous X games I'm pretty sure it's not as there are some completely new Terran names we've never seen before. This means there may be 292 sectors total in the final version of X4 including Split, Boron, Terran and Khaak. Expect Race Specific playlists to be moved to Full pack as the game expands - this will be needed to keep providing a unique distinctive music style for every race as it have always been.

! Read first !

If this is your first visit ever or since previous version please carefully study packs and playlists overview and setup guide for better understanding

If you hate dark ambient 'music' that interrupts normal sector music check out my mod that fixes it: X4 No Dark Ambient

You may be interested in my other mod that prevents combat music from playing: X4 No Battle Music

Always place all X4 mods into game root folder (unless it's player logos)


I saw X Rebirth Ambient Music mod here on Nexus and decided to try it. When I looked inside of the mod files I actually changed my mind because I saw the gameripped music in awful XWMA-96 format as X Rebirth provided. Not to mention that X Rebirth OST has much more divine music that wasn't included in that mod or the game itself.

This all inspired me to make this mod with the best X-clusive selection of X-tracks for you. The X4: Foundations ambient music tracks have a very distinct style - slow, spacey and ethereal, slightly muffled and reverbing, with gentle synths and no or very mild percussion. The XR music blends good with this style unlike some of the tracks from earlier games like X3, X2 or X-Tension which are a whole other animal. Because of this stylistic variety I decided to create various music packs for differing player tastes.

Packs and playlists overview
Basic pack

Most co
rresponding to the musical style of original game, heavily leaning towards slower and quieter non-percussive ambient music:
Adds aesthetically fitting X Rebirth and missing X4 music tracks in Vorbis-356 format where possible*

Available Basic pack playlists:
1-A [Default] - one global sector music pool with random track selection
1-B [Combat Music Only] - only combat music is added if you want to play with vanilla sector music pools

Extended pack

An attempt to extend the range of music tracks in accordance with aforementioned ambient music style:
Basic plus aesthetically fitting X3, X2, X-Tension music tracks in Vorbis-356 format where possible*

Available Extended pack playlists:
3-A [Default] - one global sector music pool with random track selection
3-B [Default + XT] - one global sector music pool with random track selection; X-Tension music is added

3-C [Race Specific] - racial core sectors have unique nonoverlapping music pools with random track selection
3-D [Race Specific + XT] - racial core sectors have unique nonoverlapping music pools with random track selection; X-Tension music is added

Plus all Basic playlists included!

Full pack

This is your go-to pack if you want to have all X-games music disregarding its style and use all possible playlists:

Extended plus everything from X4, X Rebirth, X3 and X2 that was excluded from previous packs and playlists in Vorbis-356 format where possible*

Available Full pack playlists:
5-A [Default] - one global sector music pool with random track selection
5-B [Default + XT] - one global sector music pool with random track selection; X-Tension music is added

5-C [XR & X4 Only] - one global sector music pool with random track selection; only X Rebirth and X4 music is played
5-D [X3 Only] - one global sector music pool with random track selection; only X3AP and X-Tended - Terran Conflict music is played

5-E [XT & X2+ Only] - one global sector music pool with random track selection; only X-Tension, X2 and stylistically similar X3TC Daniel D. Finney music is played

Plus all Basic, Extended and X-Classic playlists included!

X-Classic pack (AKA Dinosaur edition)

For those nostalgic and conservative X-Dinosaurs out there that need nothing else:
Completely replaces all music with tracks from X-Tension and X2 in Vorbis-356 format where possible*

Available X-Classic pack playlists:
7-A [XT & X2 Only] - one global sector music pool with random track selection; only X-Tension and X2 music is played

Lite versions

For people lacking strength in areas of disk space, internet bandwidth or audiophilia:

Very special versions of Basic, Extended and Full packs with removed menu tracks and music in Vorbis-192 format where possible*

Lite versions playlists have same logic as non-lite but start with 2, 4 and 6 respectively

*Daniel D. Finney's X Rebirth OST part was provided to me in MP3-256 format.
*All X-Tension and some X2, X3 tracks were never released in OSTs and are avaliable only in gamerip quality which varies from MP3-320 to MP3-56.

Setup guide

  1. Completely delete previous version of the mod if there is such.
  2. Extract "Legacy_Music" folder from archive into [X4 root folder]\Extensions\.
  3. Extract a desired playlist file ("sound_library.xml") from "!Playlists" folder into [X4 root folder]\Extensions\Legacy_Music\libraries\. You can always replace it with any other playlist from your X4LM pack by simply overwriting the previous "sound_library.xml" in aforementioned "libraries" folder. You can also easily check what playlist you have installed previously by opening active "sound_library.xml" in any web browser.
  4. Make sure you don't use any other soundtrack mod that replaces sector, combat and menu music sound IDs in "sound_library.xml" (including any other X4LM pack) because all extensions are loaded in alphabetical order and the latter mod will override the preceding if they replace same IDs.
  5. Make sure mod is enabled in game's extensions menu (usually it is by default).
  6. Have fun, it's mandatory.
  7. ???
  8. Profffitssssssssssssss

Known issues

  • X4 1.60 update added 40 Alexei Zakharov's X Rebirth and X3 music tracks, why are their "duplicates" still bundled with the mod? All in-game legacy music tracks have long linear starting fade-in and ending fade-out mixed into them. This leaves questions as to why it was made since native X4 sector music tracks don't have such long fade curves. So the bundled music tracks aren't exactly duplicates but non-fading mixes from the OSTs and as quality is very important for me I've chosen to keep them as long as in-game legacy music tracks don't get proper default mixes.
  • Some mods that add new sectors don't work with X4LM playlists. All sector music pool sound IDs used in Legacy Music are strictly vanilla in terms of their names and assignment to sectors - the only thing changed is music track content in the pools themselves. Mod devs that add new sectors should simply refer those to X4 3.00 vanilla music IDs or use no refs so a sector defaults to "music_soundtrack_periphery". When they use outdated pre-3.00 IDs or custom unique IDs they unintentionally create compatibility issues for anyone who is going to use their mod.

Mod development status

  • I'm open to problem reports, suggestions and requests!
  • You can expect future mod improvements like game and addon compatibility updates, enhanced music track quality when it's possible and etc.
  • Steam workshop versions will likely be released in future.
  • Detailed tracklist article may be released in future.
  • All planned packs and playlists have been released.
  • I am researching for a way to integrate Opus codec support into X4 DLLs and FFMPEG instance. Given that Opus is currently the most efficient audio compression format its use will allow to decrease mod file sizes without quality loss. If you have experience with codec libraries and DLL recoding I can really use your help! I do however understand how difficult it can be without X4 source code so chances are it will never happen unless Egosoft does it themselves.

Credits and legal information

  • Big thanks to ziev217 for his X Rebirth Ambient Music mod that inspired me and helped to get X4LM working. I've also read his X4 music modding guide and it was helpful. Seriously, you should try it too if you're interested in making your own music mods and don't know the basics yet. No really, go and do it.
  • Enormous kudos to Thomas E. Petersen, Alexei Zakharov, Daniel D. Finney, MadMakine, Hollow Infinity, all Egosoft, publisher and Nexus mods staff that made this all possible. Well and mom and dad too.
  • I am not liable for any hardware/software damage or data loss that may or may not occur when installing or using this mod. But seriously though, don't worry, it is going to be fine.
  • All source materials for this mod were obtained and are utilized under fair use.
  • All rights belong to Egosoft and other respective owners.