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Tired of your player characters looking like a troll from outer space? Search no more! Here at iD Factory we decided to hire some trusty pilots to serve as your avatars.

Permissions and credits
Works for:

The Young Gun
The Untested Explorer
The Dedicated Warrior
The Unworthy Entrepreneur (needs to be unlocked)
The Accomplished Scientist (needs to be unlocked)

Not tested with Vendetta, but it should work. Let me know if they are problems.

How to see your character?

Your character will be visible in Plot Cutscenes, or if you want to see it anytime:

1. While flying in your small ships, press F2 two times, and navigate the camera to the front of the ship with Numpads to see your character (+/- zoom).

2. Dock somewhere at a station, stay outside the ship, open the map > select your ship right click on it > external view, and then once more >  external view, close the map and navigate the camera with the Numpads keys.


User Vortex or Simply extract the "id_improvedplaymodels" folder from the ZIP into your "extensions" folder in the Documents folder, eg: "C:\Users\You\Documents\Egosoft\X4\extensions" or X4/extensions game folder.

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