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Argon Reborn improves the Station/Crew NPCs models, population of the Stations, spawns only Station Races NPCs for each faction, Habitat for Argon now only spawns Argon Characters, same with the others if modified in the config file of the mod.

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This is my take on walking in station system, NPC models, Races and Races Habitat. What this mod do?

Last update notes (1.06): -----------------

- Due to some bug when the Habitat is not working properly in some instances (spawning all races) i added an extra line to the config (faction.argon) which needs to modified, to your desired faction, see point 3) below.


1) All NPC models are changed! No more ugly trolls, they are even custom ones that have never been used in any mod, since i wrote the characters from zero with the old assets available from X4.

2) All stations are populated with their own race (beside visiting pilots) and spawn more crew. So on a Argon station you will find only Argon people, same with Teladi and Paranids, not tested on Split since i don't have the DLC (do tell if it works well), it should work.

3) (Updated!) Player owned Argon HABITAT now spawns Argons (based on the Population of the habitat and on chardensity in config.xml ). If you don't want Argon Race habitat, change the race in the id_argonreborn/MD/argonreborn_config.xml (open with a notepad, text editor and read the instructions)

<set_value name="$phabitatrace" exact="race.argon" />

Replace race.argon with your  desired race, i.e race.split, race.paranid, race.teladi and then replace with same faction below.

<set_value name="$phabitatfaction" exact="faction.argon" />

Replace faction.argon with the same race you added in $phabitatrace line, so if you want teladi, you replace race.argon with race.teladi and faction.argon with faction.teladi

4) On Docks you will find now more types of people: Pilots,Managers, Service and Marines. Starting from rookies to 3 Stars Crew, but they cost between 5k to 1mil.

5) When buying a new ship you can also recruit managers and captains, instead of only service crew and marines.

6) If you want more NPC to spawn on your station or NPCstation, modify the chardensity:

Goto Mydocuments - mygames etc and find your egosoft, x4folder, edit config.xml change the value of chardensity:

0.10 for low end PCs
0.50 up to 0.70 for Average PCs
0.99 for High End PCs.


For faction representatives  to change and some other static npcs that are created on new game, the mod requires a new game start, for just general stations NPCs and Habitat, should be save game compatible.

Not very compatible with other mods that modifies a lot the NPCs (char groups), since it might become a cocktail of npcs, or not showing the NPCs from this mod at all.


User Vortex or Simply extract the "id_argonreborn" folder from the  ZIP into your "extensions" folder in the Documents folder, eg:
"C:\Users\You\Documents\Egosoft\X4\extensions" or X4\extensions game folder.

Special thanks to FlynTie for some insights i forgot since i played the first version of the game. Gramston for discovering interesting assets in the game, TenebrisMessorem for starting this way back, and making me understand how the NPC templates work. Also, that special Dev that keeps messing up the NPC since the release of the game.

If you want to support my work, get access to bonus content and other goodies, join me on Patreon!

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