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Adds a flat 30% chance for pilots to bail when shields are below 20% and hull integrity is below 75%.

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The default bail rate is intended to be between 25-45%, modified by pilot morale and hull/shield damage, but in practice it seems extremely rare.  Developer comments suggest they intended pilot morale to decrease as their situation grew more dire, but this wasn't implemented.  Combined with the general infrequency of combat in X4, the salvage/pirate playstyle wasn't very viable.  I wanted to make a simple mod to help with that.

You can change the percentage to whatever you like in Notifications.xml.  Pilots will have a chance to bail when their shields are below 20% and hull is below 75%. It only applies to ships the player is attacking; ships attacked by player-owned AI always have 1/4th the chance (7.5%).  Xenon and Kha'ak will never abandon ship.

Update (011): Added values to edit the shield and hull threshholds (they are the vanilla values by default).


- Extract to /X4 Foundations/extensions/
  - Create the "extensions" folder if it does not exist