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Swaps the textures used by the two main toussaint clouds types. (one of them is the (in)famous bob clouds)

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I was messing around and managed to get some cool looking clouds for Toussaint. I've decided to create a new page to try and keep it more organized from NewClouds.

This swaps the textures used by Toussaint weathers with custom ones. I only edited the small clouds and the big ones (which are known as bob clouds by modders (called fog clouds in the game files) and are used as main clouds by lighting mods like TookaLighting). The rest of the cloud textures are left vanilla. For those who don't know: "bob" is the way Toussaint is called in the game files. It means Bells of Beauclair.

To keep it short and simple: You can use this with vanilla game lighting and Toussaint will have my modded clouds. If you use a lighting mod based on Bob clouds (like tookalighting) then you'll have the big ones in the main regions aswell. Check the screenshots comparison to see them. If you use a lighting mod not based on bob clouds, then you'll have vanilla clouds in the main regions and modded ones in Toussaint, just like vanilla lighting.

It SHOULD work with old gen (1.32) since it's only a texture swap and I don't think they changed the textures names or paths. If it works great, if it doesn't.... well :D. Feel free to try on old gen though.

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If you're looking for edited clouds for the main regions, check out my mod New Clouds.

Daro Source for the amazing cloud shader on blender market
AKBLT for the screenshots and for quickly testing the mod