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Tired of taking a stroll through the woods, only to be interrupted by a pack of blood-thirsty wolves?
No more! Wolves are friends! Or at least not the monstrous beasts video games make them out to be.

Permissions and credits
"The White Wolf has friends" - apomorph

This mod renders wolves either friendly or neutral.
Based on the original mod by apomorph, Friendly Wolves.

Notable quests, locations and encounters affected:

  • "A Dog's Life", "Wild at Heart" and "Family Matters" all work as originally intended (aggressive wolves)
  • Wolves in "Fools' Gold" have been replaced with aggressive wild dogs
  • "Big Feet to Fill: The Third Group" starts without needing to kill the wolves in the woods
  • The wolves at the Isolated Hut in Skellige have been replaced with wild dogs
  • Wolves encountered by Ciri and wolves summoned by other entities are still hostile.
  • "Neutral Dogs": Wild dogs encountered with Mislav the hunter in "The Beast of White Orchard" are still hostile

As a bonus:
Wild dogs pestering you in Velen can now be turned neutral. They can still be attacked, but won't chase you across the swampy fields anymore.

Certain quests with rabid dogs should not be affected. Can be combined with either friendly or neutral wolves mod.