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Enables a unique item in the game to change the weather at will.

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While following the trail of the spy Hendrick, Geralt soon found himself in the village of Heatherton.  From the outskirts he immediately noticed that something was wrong.  There were no people in the village, and the ground was cold and frozen.  Something supernatural had caused this.  Something not of this world.  His eyes fell on a nearby shack, inside which lay the corpse of his contact.  As he approached, something else caught his watchful eye.  There, sparkling in the snow against the white backdrop, sat a small box - frozen, cast aside, forgotten.  The witcher bent down and picked it up.  The box shook in his hand, and he sensed untold power contained within it.  He clipped the box onto his belt and continued on his way.  There would be plenty of time to examine the contents later.  Now he had to discover what had happened to the village...

~Detailed Description~
The Weather Machine is a magical item from another realm left behind by the Wild Hunt in the village of Heatherton.  It possesses the power to change the weather at the will of the person wielding the device:
  • Clear - with the click of a button, all inclement weather is removed and the skies will be clear.
  • Rain - Geralt can summon a heavy rainstorm.
  • Snow - the machine will cause snow to fall and fog to envelope the land.

the Weather Machine can freely change the weather in Velen, Novigrad, Skellige, and Toussaint.  However, its magical properties are restrained in White Orchard and Kaer Morhen.  It can clear the skies in White Orchard and Kaer Morhen, but a mysterious aura prevents it from calling rain in Kaer Morhen or snow in White Orchard.

~Acquiring the Weather Machine~
The Weather Machine is an item that is acquired in the village of Heatherton shortly after arriving in Velen for the first time.  It will be available in the Inventory screen for the remainder of the game thereafter.  It is intended to be picked up during the normal course of the game (during a fresh start playthrough), but can be added via console command at any time.  Therefore, there are two ways to add the Weather Machine to inventory:
  • Collect it during the quest "The Nilfgaardian Connection" where it can be found on the ground outside the hut where Geralt examines Hendrik's body, or
  • Add it with these commands:


To remove the Weather Machine from inventory, either disable the mod via the Gameplay menu or remove the items from inventory using these commands:


There are two methods to install this mod:
  • Automated Method - Download and enable using a mod manager.  This mod has been fully tested and works with Vortex.
  • Manual Method - download the file and extract the contents.  dlcWeatherMachine goes into your Witcher3\DLC folder; modWeatherMachine goes into your Witcher3\Mods folder.

Be sure to enable Mod: Weather Machine in the Gameplay menu.  It should be On by default.

To uninstall, disable via your mod manager or delete folders dlcWeatherMachine and modWeatherMachine.

This mod should be compatible with just about everything out there.  Use Script Merger to merge the script (if necessary).

Update: It was brought to my attention that the Custom Localization Fix and the Custom Localization Fix Updated mods have a conflict with the custom text in this mod which shows the activation button on screen.  If you use those mods (which I recommend), then give them lower priority than the Weather Machine mod.  Thanks to Ars82 for telling me about this.

Note: even if you give the Weather Machine lower priority than the Custom Localization Fix mods, you can still use the items.  They are assigned to [E] by default (just like all other items in the game).  It is only the text that does not display on screen, but using them with [E] still works.

This mod supports localization and has been translated for all languages:

  • en - English (written by PaulR0013)
  • ar - Arabic (via Google Translate)
  • br - Portuguese (via Google Translate)
  • cn - Simplified Chinese (via Google Translate)
  • cz - Czech (credit: konyme)
  • de - German (via Google Translate)
  • es - Spanish (via Google Translate)
  • esMX - Central American Spanish (via Google Translate)
  • fr - French (credit: falutre)
  • hu - Hungarian (via Google Translate)
  • it - Italian (via Google Translate)
  • jp - Japanese (via Google Translate)
  • kr - Korean (via Google Translate)
  • pl - Polish (via Google Translate)
  • ru - Russian (credit: Arkwulf)
  • tr - Turkish (via Google Translate)
  • zh - Traditional Chinese (via Google Translate)

~Credit and Thanks~
Special shoutout to my Brothers In Arms (MerseyRockoff and konyme) without whom this mod and numerous other mods would not be possible.  You guys really are Gods.

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