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Basically a patch so you can use Hoods by X20T3rMiN4t0R and Sezon Burz Witcher Gear by Sumajin.

Credits to both mod author. Don't forget to endorse their mod!

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The time has come! You don't have to wait no more comrades!

This patch fixes the problem you have when you install both Hoods mod and Sezon Burz Witcher Gear together.

What it does is tweaking the shop.xml file contained in the DLC folder of Sezon Burz mod and transfer the gears to the Innkeeper you meet in White Orchard (Bram's cousin basically). This fixes the problem where your game won't launch due to Bram (the merchant you saved from the Griffin) having too much item in his shops.

It also tweaks the .reddlc file contained in Sezon Burz mod so that the game can identify the mod.


  1. Download the Sezon Burz Witcher Gear and Hoods mod file from the mod nexus page and FOLLOW THEIR INSTRUCTIONS.
  2. Download this patch and extract it to your main Witcher 3 installation Folder (Eg:- C:\Steam\steamapps\common\The Witcher 3 - for Steam version).
  3. Replace/Overwrite file when prompted. Run Script merger and merge conflicted files(should be none by using this patch, but just run it for your other mods).
  4. Launch your game and enable sezonburz mod(dlc_sezonburz) in your DLC option menu in main menu(when you launch the game).
  5. You can now find the gears in the Innkeeper shops.
  6. Enjoy!

Notes :
  • The mod was installed on Witcher 3 v 1.31 patch. So don't come complaining if the mod doesn't work in v 1.32 patch!!
  • I'm new to modding and this patch is the sole reason I learn modding in the first place. So, if there's any bug, sorry in advance. However, I'm 99.99% sure there's no bug using this compatibility patch as all it did is tweaking the shop.xml file from the original mod. I DID NOT TEMPER with anything else other than building the .reddlc file from scratch.
  • Credits to both author for their amazing mod and specifically to Sumajin for giving me permission to upload this patch.