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Unique Mutagens Overhaul improves the monster-specific mutagens by giving each one its own special effect, as well as the ability to combine them into larger, stronger mutagens.

Permissions and credits
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- - - - - -  Features  - - - - - -

  • All monster-specific mutagens have a unique effect that can be multiplied when slotting abilities of the same color.

  • Unique mutagens can be combined with generic mutagens to make stronger versions with new icons.

  • The new mutagens can be dismantled at the alchemy lab in Corvo Bianco's cellar.

  • Alghouls drop their own unique mutagen. The recipe for the Alghoul Decoction requires a lesser alghoul mutagen instead of generic red mutagens.

  • New Game Plus compatible

- - - - - -  Installation  - - - - - -

  1. Download main file and drop contents of zip in your Witcher 3 directory
  2. Merge scripts
  3. (if using Ghost Mode) Download Ghost Mode patch and drop contents of zip in your Witcher 3 directory
  4. Set patch to higher priority than Ghost Mode

- - -  Mutagen Effects  - - -

- - -  Compatibility  - - -
  • Slots Slots Slots: Compatible, but requires some manual merging using the method seen here. Thank you to user Notnx for discovering this fix.

Known Issues
  • Mutagens with longer descriptions or multiple effects will have their descriptions cut off in the character menu. This is only visual. All of the stats seem to be added correctly.
  • The Alghoul Decoction will sometimes appear twice in the alchemy menu. This seems to just be a visual bug and both disappear like normal after one is crafted.