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Overhauls many of the Main and Background Npc's, Improving on their appearance. New Face and Armor details as well as some additions to their outfits. Inspired by CPDR's early concept and promotional renditions of these characters.

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Description: Improves upon many of the main and Background NPC's, new Armor and face details as well as some additions to their outfits

The goal is to make Npc's appearances more immersive,  better fitting the description or environment of these characters     

All outfits upscaled,  2k-4k textures 

See Images for more information

You can simply install it with any mod manager or do it manually:
1. Download file or files
2. Unzip downloaded file
3. Put "mod" in your Mods folder

Delete "mod" from your Mods folder
Delete "NewtrissOverhaul" from your DLC folder

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Character faces improved 

Immersive Lighting 

Special thanks to paul0013's ´╗┐for his excellent tutorial and additional help

     Roska for the Radovid Armor available for use 

Shouts out to Ryanll who basically provided the template for the dynamic appearances
part of this mod