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Adds a samurai-themed armor set to the game as DLC.

Permissions and credits
2/14: Version 1.1 released
  • Updated icons to look a little more consistent compared to the vanilla icons
  • Added in elemental damage resistance stat

Added 2 new variant armor sets, Nihon (white/red/black) and Midori (sakura/green/grey)
Same details/stats as original dlc!

These are their own separate armor sets!

Meaning these don't conflict with the main file! You should be able to use all three at the same time, or just the version you want.

2/9: Added in 4 samurai-themed DLC hats as an optional mod. Following in the footsteps of Hoods I set up these hats as quick-slot/accessory items and thus recommend you check out Accessory Slot Mod for the best experience using cosmetic accessories!

Installation is the same, just drop into your dlc folder and find the new hats at Elihal's Apparel Shop.

Geralt has always been a wandering swordsman with a code, one who stops injustice and fights evil.
Some might say, he's similar to the samurai of our world.
Now he can suit up as one! Using Ghost of Tsushima assets!

  • This is a DLC! It comes as it's own items, with new icons and updated names.
  • Made to be equipped as a full set (Otherwise will run into missing mesh/textures/seams/etc.)
  • It is classified as Light Armor
  • Should be available in first playthroughs and new game plus
  • Stat-wise it's placed between superior and mastercrafted witcher armor, I intend for it to be viable for mid to late game (I don't know if there's a level requirement, I play without level requirements, let me know and i can tweak it if requested)

Available for purchase at Elihal's Apparel Shop outside of Novigrad.


Through debug console try:
additem('Kensei Shirt')
additem('Kensei Gloves')
additem('Kensei Pants')
additem('Kensei Shoes')

simply drop the folder 'dlc_kensei' into your dlc folder

This is my first mod ever! It took a lot of time and trial and error to get it to this point, I know it's not perfect but I'm happy with it so far.
I was inspired to add something like this to the game by the ronin statue of Geralt and concept art released by CD Projekt Red.

I do plan to continue working and improving this armor, while down the line adding color variants and even different armor sets/items.
All in due time!

I figured I should probably release something for people to play around with before it's too late! (Next-gen update)

Feedback, general advice, and idea requests are welcome, I just ask that you please be respectful.

Huge thanks to these people that offered advice and guidance throughout the whole process.

  • WT3WD for uploading the Ghost of Tsushima assets used to help create this mod/dlc and for helping me with everything from meshes to textures to xmls
  • Draiamond for troubleshooting all my mesh/texture problems
  • 18mic11 for help on creating custom names for new dlc item

Check out their stuff!

and of course Marvel Master on youtube for all his modding tutorials!

Other Mod Recommendations (For that extra samurai goodness):
Ronin inspired hair for Geralt
Swords on the Hip
Any of the katana mods!

PSA: I did not create these assets, I merely modified them to fit in Witcher 3. All credit goes to the creator.