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Dynamically hides the minimap, leaving only the clock and weather condition visible. You can activate it again with the witcher senses. It is also active as Ciri or in a horse race for gameplay reasons.

Permissions and credits
The idea came from using the great mod Minimap Reworked (Clock Only) by AsarGiN. I liked the idea to hide the minimap, as it is more often than not a distraction from the open world. On the other hand this made gameplay parts as Ciri or in horse races for example very tedious, if you not already knew exactly where to go to. While this mod was the inspiration, this mod does not include any assets from the original mod and creates this interactive minimap in another way.

Triggers to show the minimap again:
  • Witcher Sense
  • Playing as Ciri
  • Being in a horse race

  • Unzip and drag & drop everything into your Witcher 3 main directory
  • Use Script Merger (for Friendly Hud Conflict, choose C+B)


Thumbnail Credits: kaathika_ (Original Artwork: CDPR)