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NPCs don't run in fear when you apply Quen

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UPD 2022/12/15: This mod has been ported to version 4.00 (Next Gen Update).

NPCs don't run in fear when you apply Quen, guards don't get upset by it too.

Versions 1.0 and 1.1 of this mod were made on version 1.32 GOTY.
Version 1.2 is made for version 4.00 (Next Gen).

Other fixes and mods by me:
* Fast Stash Menu - fix lag for the stash menu
* Item Selection Grid Fix - fix bizzare item placement in a selection window
* Fix Aerondight Stats Comparison - fix incorrect Aerondight damage difference
* Choose Better Food - game picks best food instead of water
* Improved Time Skip (Meditation and Fast Travel) - make effects work during meditation, fast travel tweaks and more
* Eat from Inventory during combat - Now you can eat while browsing inventory
* Don't Eat Underwater - Eating and drinking underwater is illegal
* Fix New Game Plus Crafted Items Leveling - Fix crafted items leveling up in New Game Plus
* Quick Save in Pause Menu - Adds Quick Save option in the pause menu
* Fix Regeneration - Fix stats regenerating more than they should