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Make effects work during meditation, fast travel tweaks and more

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UPD 24/05/24: This mod has been ported to version 4.04.

UPD 13/05/23:
This mod has been ported to version 4.03.

UPD 17/12/22:
This mod has been ported to version 4.00 (Next Gen Update).

UPD 22/01/22:

* Removed double healing bugfix and separated into Fix Regeneration mod
* Fix bug with Tawny Owl Level 3 staying after traveling between areas, improved accuracy for time skipping
* Rewritten time passing for effects, now working with all stats instead of just vitality


Gave up on using power ups such as Places of Power or Corvo Bianco bonuses because they wear off as soon as you meditate? This mod just might be what you need. It changes the way effects wear off during meditation and applies the same logic to fast travel.

Description of changes


All effects from food, potions, places of power, Corvo Bianco bonuses, etc. won't be removed once you start meditating. Negative effects are the only ones that would be removed (burning, poisoning, etc). Duration of the effect would also change accordingly to the time you spent meditating. Meaning when you meditate the effect doesn't pause, it keeps working and its time is still ticking. Same applies to toxicity - it only drains as fast as game time allows, not entirely.
If you started meditating with healing potion or food applied, the healing effect would still apply for as long as it should. Making this to work was a bit of challenge, and in process it uncovered that the healing effect is bugged in the game, healing x1.5 or even x2 amount it should. This can be fixed by installing Fix Regeneration.

Fast Travel

Since Geralt is not teleporting, but in fact actually traveling, it makes sense to have time being skipped for effects just like it is in meditation. Implementing this uncovered an issue with fast travel. The time game would fast forward is random, ranging from 0 to 5 hours within one map and from 0 to 11 hours between maps. This is now changed. Time spent traveling from one point to another is now measured by distance between them using formula [200 in-game meters = 5 to 10 in-game minutes] (using default time scale). This gave results more or less matching to the time you'd spend playing. If you have modified time scale (hours per minute) the results would change accordingly.
Time spent traveling between maps is different too, now taking days or weeks instead of a few hours.

Table of time it takes to travel between locations:

The time was based on what was known from game's story or my educated guesses (I didn't find info on how long it takes to get to Skellige or Toussaint).
Sadly the number of days does not affect beard growth. And for the most part there's no point in being day-exact since there's no effect that lasts longer than 2 days, except for permanent ones (unless I missed something). But if you wish to play around with effects' durations and make them last for weeks, this could give you more lore friendly results.

Summary of important gameplay/balance changes
  • Power ups such as Places of Power or Corvo Bianco bonuses don't drain entirely when you meditate making them more useful.
  • Toxicity now doesn't fully drain when you meditate making White Honey more useful (or you can meditate for longer time).
  • Health can regenerate on Hard and Death March during meditation too (depending on how long you meditate) since the game always heals you at least 1hp/sec, but not fully at once like it is on lower difficulty levels.
  • Using fast travel consumes a little bit of the time of your power ups.
  • Traveling between maps in most cases restores full health and drains toxicity, but also removes all power ups (since traveling now takes longer ingame time the effects just wear off).

Other fixes and mods by me:
* Fast Stash Menu - fix lag for the stash menu
* Item Selection Grid Fix - fix bizzare item placement in a selection window
* Fix Aerondight Stats Comparison - fix incorrect Aerondight damage difference
* Choose Better Food - game picks best food instead of water
* Don't Fear Quen - NPCs don't run in fear when you apply Quen
* Eat from Inventory during combat - Now you can eat while browsing inventory
* Don't Eat Underwater - Eating and drinking underwater is illegal
* Fix New Game Plus Crafted Items Leveling - Fix crafted items leveling up in New Game Plus
* Quick Save in Pause Menu - Adds Quick Save option in the pause menu
* Fix Regeneration - Fix stats regenerating more than they should