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An 'All in One' looting customization suite, without removing or breaking the existing looting gameplay mechanic.

Permissions and credits
Standalone version of the integrated Convenient Looting mechanism of W3EE for use without this overhaul.

Noteworthy differences to the original Convenient Looting:
  • Radius for area-looting is now taken from the player position, instead of the container position.
  • Herbs container and actor remains loot won't mix. So looting a herb, you will only see other nearby herbs inside the container, likewise for actor remain loot bags.
  • Limited and more realistic Z looting area.
  • Fixed the bug: Container backround not scaling for the scrollbar.
  • With many customization options to fit everyone's needs.
  • Fully supports localized presets for Community Patch - Menu Strings for each provided submenu.

I created three different presets to choose from:
  • Default: How I suggest using this mod, very balanced middle ground IMO.
  • Original: Close to the original Convenient Looting, so all container types get mixed normally. For people who prefer the old system.
  • Vanilla: Choosing this option basically deactivates the mod, as the scan results will be reduced to 0 and only the current container gets opened.

Mod menu options explained:
  • Enable Stealing: Displays even "stolen" items from other containers, which would cause guard reactions. (Still displays "stolen" items from the currently opened container, basically ignoring this setting whenn accessing containers manually).
  • Enable Guards Reaction: If you steal items, guards do react on it.
  • Scan Range (Herbs): Uses this range to scan for herbs.
  • Scan Range (Remains): Uses this range to scan for actor remains.
  • Scan Range (Container): Uses this range to scan for containers. (If 'Mix Different Container Types' = On, herbs and actor remains are considered as containers as well).
  • Vertical Scan Range: Uses this range to scan vertically.
  • Maximal Scan Results: Number of containers, which are scanned each time you open a loot popup.
  • Mix Different Container Types: Like the original mod. Basically a legacy option. Not very immersive IMO.

Optional File:
  • Compatiblity for Complete Animations Redux
  • Use this patch, if you use said mod as well. Allows to use all looting animations without freezing Geralt in an animation loop.

  • Unzip and drag & drop everything into your Witcher 3 main directory
  • Use Script Merger

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