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Gives the Viper School's gear the same treatment the rest of the witcher schools' gear got. Three upgrade levels and new scavenger hunt quests to find the diagrams. Replaces the Hearts of Stone Viper gear with items from ZOST's Cos Wiecej mod.

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This mod is outdated. I recommend you use Viper and Manticore Gear Expanded instead. It includes all the content from this mod and more.

- - - - - -  Features  - - - - - -

  • A new short quest in Velen to find the rest of the base viper gear diagrams: the armor and the crossbow.

  • Diagrams to upgrade the set to enhanced, superior, and mastercrafted level.

  • Four maps sold by merchants mark the locations of the upgrade diagrams.

  • Cos Wiecej items are integrated into Hearts of Stone and replace the Hearts of Stone viper gear.

  • New game plus compatible

- - - - - -  How to start  - - - - - -

The base gear quest can be started by reading any of the maps or finding one of the locations and reading the note found there.

The maps can be found at the following merchants:
Blacksmith in Oreton
General merchant in Oreton
General merchant in Lindenvale
Hattori in Novigrad

- - - - - -  Installation  - - - - - -

Drop the contents of the zip into your Witcher 3 directory. dlcviperextension should end up in the DLC folder and modviperextension should end up in the mods folder.

Scripts might need to be merged if you have any other mods which edit game/gui/menus/

Book Inspired set Cos Wiecej - Standalone DLC is required. Use the CosWIecejArmorSet - Autogen Level file.

- - -  Misc. info  - - -

You don't need to do a specific Hearts of Stone ending in order to acquire the full Cos Wiecej set, the silver sword diagram is located in the same place as the steel sword diagram, and Sihil can now be found where the Viper Venomous silver sword used to be.

The other vanilla items that used the models I used in the mod have been removed from the game. This includes the relic crossbow sold by Hattori and the "Serpent" relic swords from Blood and Wine, as well as their diagrams.

Only one sihil and one pair of gloves from Cos Wiecej are used in the mod, but if you want the others, you can use these console commands:
additem('rune sihil')

additem('wiecej gloves 2')

- - -  Special thanks  - - -

Thanks to rmemr, Ard Carraigh, Aeltoth and nikich340 for helping me while I was making this mod!