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Welcome to my new released project - SCAAR (Smooth Combat And Animations Redux)

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Okay, here we go! Since I wasn't that happy with my previous mod 'Smooth Combat' , which was more edit and not done from the scratch, I decided to start working on new project from the scratch completely couple of months back. So that's how the 'SCAAR' was born.

Down bellow I will tell you some stuff about this project, so lets begin. 

How long it took me to make.

Approximately it took me around 3 months with some pauses because I was exhausted. I started doing it from scratch and It was really hard because, as I sad ony my previous mod, Im literally new when it come's to Witcher 3 modding and only animations mods I used a lot were 'School Of The Dodge', 'VGX Sword Walk' and a bit of 'Alternative Jogging animations' , so it was difficult for me to combine everything I want from the vannila game files and finish with best possible results without any bugs. So it was very difficult and it was plenty of time consuming, and plenty of frustrations, bugs and plenty of difficulties, but since I wanted to create something really good here it is.
But, after every rain there will be a rainbow and the sun! 

About 'SCAAR'...

The 'SCAAR' project... The idea behind it is to have many animation options usable for the game, and freedom to pick dodge animation package suitable for you and your gameplay. I did best I could to combine all the dodge elements from the game files and divide them to four categories called 'Combine Forces', 'Intense' , 'Revolve' and 'Technical' and also make it all as DLC packages. The files also contain new walking, jogging, and runing system which I found inside game the files and combine them with and without the sword. Also, literally every animation have adjusted playback speed for more smoother gameplay (I find it best between 0.75-1). Rolls are back with much better and smoother experience. For more info, check the video I made for preview. It will reveal how it looks and what the mod contains and what not and why not.

About compatibility with EE Edition mod.

Huge thanks to Reaperz Anton , one of the creators of EE Edition for telling me what to do and how to make it compatible. I created anim events 'DodgeInvulnerableStart and DodgeGrazeStart' to all my dodges in all categories with 50% from the duration. So, on that side its compatible. But, there is a problem. Its about my walking animation. Changes to EE locomotion script file and player script for walking speed, those edits just refuse to work in the game, even though its edited and saved. Its about script file and my movement animation. Movement animation I implemented just doesn't work properly in EE edition because of that. Maybe on your side it will so try. Also what you can do is delete EE Edition and and put mine mod folder which contains those two scripts and try to use it like that, but I do not guarantee stable gameplay. Since I couldn't contact Reaperz anymore, I decided to ask another EE Edition creator , but I didnt get enough help so I couldn't do anything with that further anymore. Just edits to those two script files doesn't have effect in the game despite I made this project compatible with EE Edition. 

About compatiblity with another mods.

It is compatible with any mod which doesn't use same files like I did. So, if you have any animation mod with dodges and similar animations make sure to remove it before putting mine mod or, if you are using my previous mod just delete it and then install this one.
Its compatible with "E3 Improved Combat Animations", "Combat Speed Mod", "More reasonable combat animations", "Better Parries Update", "Legendary Counter", "Combat Stance", ' Enhanced Targeting for UPatch' 'Magic Spells' ... In short, Its compatible with any swordswinging mods and not compatible with 'VGX Sword Walk' since I have new sword walk, and not compatible with dodge mods who uses same files like I do, logical.

The mod does not affect Ciri. My previous mod did affect , this mod not.

Gameplay is smooth for both, keyboard+mouse and controller. 

Mod is maded on GOG GOTY Edition v1.32 and its compatible with any version of the game.

Installation :

1. Put 'modSCAAR' in your Mods folder.
2. Put one of the DLC folders from picked category in your main dlc folder. When you extract .rar file of picked category make sure that you open first that folder then pick DLC! For example, you open 'SCAARRevolve' folder and then you have 3 versions of that category and a mod folder. Pick version that you prefer from V1,V2 and V3 and place it in dlc folder. (Check the video on my page to check more details and differences between versions V1,V2,V3 and a gameplay)
4. Run ScriptMerger to deal with the potential conflicts if there are some.
5. If you already have and you can just edit them from your merged files. Just search them there and put values like these. For you wanna search and edit to be exactly like this  defaultinputModuleNeededToRun = -10.0 . For find this defaultspeedWalkingMax  and change value to 0.3f.

You can support my work by donating to this link:


CD Project RED for amazing game and one of the best drives you can have in gaming. Also thanks for modding compatibility and tools.
Thanks Sarcen for his mod editor and tools.  That's how modding started. Big thanks to him!!!
Thanks to wolvenkit developers who continued Sarcen's work and release more mod editors! Big thanks to them!

Special thanks:

PatrioticBat who got me into modding, big love to you!
Thanks to amasii AKA skydoespoint for helping me with walking animation! Big love my boi!! :)
Thanks to FumioShwartz who discovered how alternative jogging animation works!
Huge thanks to all modders who worked hard to deliver best possible mods for this game!
Thanks to me for patience and courage to do it lol.

                                                                          Enjoy the mod and be smooth , creative and deadly.

"I'm a witcher. Heard you wondering about my swords. Well, one's for monsters, the other - for humans. Only got one prick though, In case you're wondering about that, too."