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Welcome to my new released project - SCAAR (Smooth Combat And Animations Redux)

Permissions and credits
Okay, here we go! Since I wasn't that happy with my previous mod 'Smooth Combat' , which was more edit and not done from the scratch, I decided to start working on new project from the scratch completely couple of months back. So that's how the 'SCAAR' was born.

Down bellow I will tell you some stuff about this project, so lets begin.

Project is heavy updated now, and it contains two person's work!!!

Do not try to sell or release these files elsewhere or else you will be reported! This demanded heavy work, and dedication, so please respect that!

How long it took me to make.
Approximately it took me around 3-4 months with some pauses because I was exhausted. I started doing it from scratch and It was really hard because, as I sad ony my previous mod, Im literally new when it come's to Witcher 3 modding and only animations mods I used a lot were 'School Of The Dodge', 'VGX Sword Walk' and a bit of 'Alternative Jogging animations' , so it was difficult for me to combine everything I want from the vannila game files and finish with best possible results without any bugs. So it was very difficult and it was plenty of time consuming, and plenty of frustrations, bugs and plenty of difficulties, but since I wanted to create something really good here it is.
But, after every rain there will be a rainbow and the sun! 

New update brings even more things, example more custom anims, with nikich340's help, and colab with TehPandemic!

About 'SCAAR'...
The 'SCAAR' project... The idea behind it is to have many animation options usable for the game, and freedom to pick dodge animation package suitable for you and your gameplay. 'SCAAR' provide dodge elements from the game files and they are divided to four categories called 'Combine Forces', 'Intense' , 'Revolve' and 'Technical'. The files also contain new custom walking, jogging, and runing system, and they work without any issues now. Also, literally every animation have adjusted playback speed for more smoother gameplay ( best between 0.75-1). Rolls are back with much better and smoother experience. For showcase, check the video which is made for preview.

About compatibility with EE Edition mod.
New updates added full compatibility for W3EE Edition's! Poise finishers and everything works properly now.

About compatiblity with another mods.
This new update brings full compatibility with Friendly Controls, and ImmersiveMotion!

Credits, and thanks goes to Army Of Two(wghost81,ForangFarosh), W3EE authors (ReaperAnon,Kolaris for letting us fine/tune/tweak their files for better use for 'SCAAR', so we can upload here so people dont need to edit themselves from ModScriptsInstall.txt. Credits for ImmersiveMotion files author KCS (ksolberg).

'SCAAR' is compatible with any mod which doesn't use same files like this mod. So, if you have any animation mod with dodges and similar animations make sure to remove it before putting this mod.
Its compatible with "E3 Improved Combat Animations", "Combat Speed Mod", "More reasonable combat animations", "Better Parries Update", "Legendary Counter", "Combat Stance", ' Enhanced Targeting for UPatch' 'Magic Spells' ... In short, Its compatible with any swordswinging mods and not compatible with 'VGX Sword Walk' since this mod have new sword walking blend system, and not compatible with dodge mods who uses same files like this mod uses, logical. Its compatible with script based dodge mods such as Pirouettes mod, because that mod is using scripts to utilize dodges. Its fully compatible with RER as well. Its tested heavily with many mods. Try merging first RER with SCAAR when it comes to Conflicts are gonna be simpler.

To install and run SCAAR properly you will require two things:
-The category you wish to install. Choose one of the four main files (I encourage you to test all main files and pick what suits your gameplay the best)
-One of the compatibility patches from misc files (This includes modSCAARVanilla as well)

DLC file installation
To get the DLC file select the category option you wish to use from main files. Once downloaded extract the files, you will have three versions of the option, choose only one of them and place it in your DLC folder. V1 no taunts-vanilla stance,V2 taunts+semi two handed and V3 taunts+ almost fully two handed. V1,V2 and V3 are the combat changes only.

Compatibility Patch Installation
For the compatibility patches download the file from miscellaneous files and extract it. You will be presented with a number of options. Choose the option that matches with your current setup and place it in your Mods folder.

Additional Installation Information

modSCAARVanilla Users

It is recommended that you use Immersive Motion or Friendly Controls alongside SCAAR as it will improve your experience significantly.

Friendly Controls Users
Navigate to mods/modFriendlyControls/content, and delete the,  blob0.bundle and buffers0.bundle.
Give to SCAAR patch higher priority to win over Friendly Controls locomotion script. Other script merge.

Immersive Motion Users
Use specifically Immersive Motion for Gamepads - Re-envisioned from the Immersive Motion - Stand - Alone page as it contains the files the patch is built on. Once installed make sure to give the SCAAR patch higher priority to win over Immersive Motion scripts.

Enhanced Edition/Redux Users
Once installed make sure to give the patch priority over EE/Redux. Then in Script Merger ignore merging and only merge
Please note, the patch is designed to overwrite EE/Redux’s scripts so any merging for should exclude the original scripts and only include the patch’s. Use mouse wheel to control movement for W3EE Edition's.

It's recommended to use "Remove camera shake/bobbing effect when running or sprinting" if you have any excessive camera issues.

The mod does not affect Ciri. My previous mod did affect , this mod notGameplay is Immersive after new update and really smooth for both, keyboard+mouse and controller. Mod is maded on GOG GOTY Edition v1.32 and its compatible with any version of the game.
You can support my work by donating to this link:


CD Project RED for amazing game and one of the best drives you can have in gaming. Also thanks for modding compatibility and tools.

Thanks Sarcen for his mod editor and tools.  That's how modding started. Big thanks to him!!!

Thanks to wolvenkit developers who continued Sarcen's work and release more mod editors! Big thanks to them!

AutoDesk Maya Software

Ding for his maya master file and his version of Wkit!

nikich340 for his game changer Maya Anim Utility tool! If not for him many things wouldn't be possible!!! Remember this! <3

Special thanks:

PatrioticBat who got me into modding, big love to him.

Thanks to amasii AKA skydoespoint for helping me with walking animation and support when I started modding! Big love my boi!! :)

Thanks to FumioShwartz who discovered how alternative jogging animation works back then!

Huge thanks and I mean HUGE goes to TehPandemic (Ryan Hank) who got me motivated to work without the GPU! If not for him, half of these things I wouldn't implement. Huge love to him really and shoutout for his crazy finds in the beh file, and the json files from Maya and his interest in SCAAR project! Also big thanks about his explanations how some complicated things works in the beh file, and big ammount of time and patience when it comes to transfering pelvis. Yes, I still needed the time to implement/create all that in my own way, but we did it. A huge colab was born. Thanks! <3

Huge thanks again goes to The Machine Doctor nikich340 for big ammount of help to get to know his utility better, and his knowledge sharing about his utility, and new stuff which I didn't know about the animations.  More to come. <3

Credits, and thanks, so we could upload patches goes to W3EE authors (ReaperAnonKolaris), Army Of Two (wghost81,ForangFarosh) and KCS (ksolberg).

Huge thanks to all modders who worked hard to deliver best possible mods for this game.

Thanks to my friends from Wolven Workshop for support, big ammount of help, their hard work, and simply thanks for existing!

Thanks to me for patience and courage to do it lol.

                                                                          Enjoy the mod and be smooth , creative and deadly.

"I'm a witcher. Heard you wondering about my swords. Well, one's for monsters, the other - for humans. Only got one prick though, In case you're wondering about that, too."