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These are simply new eye meshes to be used with plasticmetal's "Modular Eyes".
Alone, this mod does nothing. It MUST have "Modular Eyes" installed if you want to see these new eye effects.

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These are simply new eye meshes to be used with plasticmetal's   Modular Eyes mod.
Alone, this mod does nothing. It MUST have "Modular Eyes" installed if you want to see these new eye effects.

What this mod does
The eye mesh you choose will replace the "Black Eye" model of the "Modular Eyes" mod. Make sure you have his dlcmodulareyes installed from that mod in order to see these new meshes.

Pick any one of these three mods and install it in your "mods" folder. Pick only one. The one you like most....I guess?

There are three versions to choose from:

- Fully black eye with light red veins.
- Fully black eye with dark red veins.
- Fully black eye with bloody veins.

The mod you choose will replace the "black eye" model, not the "alt eye" model. If you use "black eye" for anything other than toxicity, then these eyes will be toggled on during those instances. I personally use this model for "black eyes" ONLY when I have taken in toxicity, and I use "alt eye" for other cases such as night vision, darkness, etc.

The face I am using is Geralt of Rivia - Irregular Pale Custom. It has one of the best face mods, imo, and it is how I'm getting that toxic look on my face. My mod only modifies the eyes. If you want a different toxic face look, I recommend the "Irregular Pale Custom" mod, or this mod The Butcher of Blaviken Lore-Friendly Geralt by Denroth as he has a unique toxic look as well (more subtle, yet very cool).

This is my very first mod, so please forgive me if there are any problems, glitches, issues. Let me know immediately if you are having problems getting it to work. As mentioned before, you will need "Modular Eyes" mod installed, so you must follow HIS installation instructions to the letter AND THEN install this mod to get the new effects.

I might take requests if people like what they see. However, I am by no means a mod author or creator. I am simply a guy who has 270+ mods installed (please..don't judge...I've already judged myself pretty hard after breaking 100) and has downloaded a few programs and fiddled around with some files to get these desired effects. And making these 3 files literally took me HOURS. It's not fun...and I really, REALLY feel for every other mod creator on this site because they do such amazing work and definitely don't get the recognition they deserve.

This mod should literally not conflict with ANY other mod, including any eye mods. These eyes only activate after a certain trigger when used alongside "Modular Eyes"; therefore, it cannot conflict with anything.....unless of course you're using another "black eye" replacer mod, in which case....why?

Required mods
Modular Eyes

Recommended mods
Glowing Witcher Eyes 
for his "alt eye" mod. Great when used alongside any "black eye" replacer mod, such as mine, to get nice new options.

Download the version you want. (I personally favor Dark Red)
Extract it into your "mods" folder.
That's it.
The location would look something like this:   C:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\The Witcher 3\mods

Simply delete the mod from your "mods" folder. That's it.

I must thank  Zinnnnnn  and X20T3rMiN4t0R for all of their help with getting me the information I needed to be able to create this mod. Without them, this mod wouldn't have been created. Please check out their work. They are amazing. I promise.

I must also thank plasticmetal for his AMAZING "Modular Eyes" mod. He's given me the inspiration to create my mod. If you're not using his mod, then you're not living. It's simply fantastic.

I must also thank raderith for finding out how to find the correct file path by using his mod when creating mine. Check out his mod as well, as he has different "black eye" replacers 52 and a half eyes and lore-friendly black eyes for Modular Eyes.

I must thank CDPR for creating my favorite game of all time. 

Finally, I must thank my wife and daughters for giving me the time to be able to lock myself away in my office to get this stuff done.