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Make game Triss look like her show counterpart, portrayed by Anna Shaffer.
Complete with optional new outfits inspired by the show

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This mod aims to bring Triss Merigold from the netflix serie to the game

Blood and Wine DLC is required

it has two main versions, and a few 'addons' :

the 'light' version just changes the face and hair ( alternate appearance dlc included ), so it's fully compatible with outfits retextures



the 'full' version
, comes with the face and hair, new main and masquerade outfits, a new necklace and retextures for the hood and the Dlc appearance outfit



about the 'addons', you need one of the main mods for them to work:

The 'darker' addon
is a darker face texture, with darker lips and darker hair color, closer to the show i think, since the main mod textures and hair color are more based on photos of the actress outside of the role

the casual green gown addon
replaces Triss casual outfit with a green gown, it contains a dlc file AND a mod file both need to be put in their respective folders in order to function properly

the masquerade green gown addon
does the same thing , but for the masquerade appearance only

The nature themed magic addon is a bit experimental and rough around the edges,you've been warned,  along with her usual Fire attacks she now makes roots burst out of the ground, summons poison clouds and teleports in a flash of roots, leaves and smoke, it has a 'smaller roots variant'  since the roots from the 'main' version can be a bit over the top and clog the view on the battlefield

the Main hairstyle for dlc addon gives her the main loose hairstyle when wearing her dlc appearence

If you're feeling creative and want to make retextures you will find the textures paths and UV layouts in the miscellanous section, now all that's left to do is make your own textures ! oh, and make sure your new texture mod is above mine in your mod folder ;)


about the mod / Known issues :

-Face has no lodsif you experience the melting face bug:
Open your user.settings (should be located in ‘C:\Users\****\documents\The Witcher 3′ )

and change


-Install Manually !  apparently the mod manager install doesn't work

-Main hairstyle needs the blood and wine extension to work, as it uses Vivienne de Tabris skeleton

- hooded hairstyle is shared between the dlc and the vanilla looks, so when the dlc is on, Triss magically ties her
hair instanty when she pulls her hood down

- the hooded appearence has some cliping during “extreme” animations, i noticed this while testing with the
doppler mod, but it doesn’t seem to happen often with the actual npc

- no nude appearence, this mod forces the undies on during the sex scene, i am using the likeness of a real person here, so i feel that making a nude appearence would be disrepectful

- not compatible with swapped outfit mods like Stylish triss for exemple( i mean it is compatible, but you will get a face/body texture mismatch )

-there's a seam in the midsection of the Green gown,
i had to guess the weighthing placement and while i think i did a good job at it, it cannot be perfect until i can get my hand on the weighted model of Yennefer's gown

-The main hairstyle is invisible when console spwaned

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