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Changes Triss hair to one heavily inspired by her concept art

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Remodels Triss hair so it looks closer to her concept art hair ( yes i know i put the hair on the wrong side, oh well)

comes in 3  versions:

  • one that replaces her main vanilla hair
  • one that replaces her dlc appearance hair
  • one that only changes her hair during the masquerade party and love scenes ( so lingerie and naked appearances)

My other Triss mods:

  1. unzip and drop the 'modTriss_concept_art_hair' file in your  witcher 3 'mods' folder( create it,if needed )

  • Compatible with face mods
  • Compatible with outfits mods
  • Compatible with Doppler mod
  • Compatible with Swap mods 
  • - DRESS ONLY - VERSION ISN'T compatible with swap mods AND won't show up in doppler
  • Not compatible with mods that alter her hair or her hair l0ds

  • clipping  especially on the neck, sometimes on the boobs, on the chin during 'extreme' turning animations

  • Immersive Real-time Cutscenes by teiji25, so she doesn’t revert back to her vanilla hair during pre-rendered cutscenes ( Make sure the hair mod is ABOVE the immersive cutscenes mod !!! the hair must have priority or it WILL conflict )
  • maybe an outfit mod without the big vanilla Collar?