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A new collection of mods and a brief guide that makes first person a viable way to play most of the game.

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Much Improved First Person Mod Compilation

This is a compilation of mods and an install guide to get you playing the majority of The Witcher 3 in FIRST PERSON! 
Any and ALL credit goes to the mod creators, I only figured out how to stitch these together. :)

Fluid mouselook!
Toggle back and forth between 3rd and 1st person at will!

The current first person mod, though awesome, has a lot of limitations. The camera stays attached to the Geralt, so you cant strafe or back up and the mouse look movement is very floaty and over sensitive.. one flick too far in any direction and your camera goes haywire. If you have been dying to play in first person and tried that mod, you'll know how close and yet so far it is. This mod cocktail is for YOU!

I recommend using the Witcher 3 mod manager to install these mods and merge conflicts.

---> The keystone of this mod compilation is the unhinged rpg camera mod by Syynx.... Syynx, if you're out there, more people need to know about your mod!

This unhooks the camera from Geralt, and allows you to use Witcher sense in first person.
A few other mods augment Witcher sense, so that you can freely explore while using it and not feel like you are in a different 'view mode' 

Next, you'll need these other complimentary mods: 

-Immersive motion by KCS. This will reduce some camera jank.

-WitcherSenseToggle(Silent) by flAked. This will allow you to stay in Witcher sense (first person) without holding the button down.

-Sprinting Tweaks by Zhior. This will allow you to sprint when in first person.

-No Glow For Witcher Senses by DeathWrench and Ratatosk112. This will keep things from glowing in first person. I recommend keeping clue markers on in your mini map for when you need to find tiny things.

-Standart Audio for Focus (Witcher Sense) by RakZak. This will remove Witcher sense whooshing audio fx while in first person.

-Unseen Monsters by DJ_Kovrik. This will remove the audio 'target' fx on monsters when in first person.

and lastly...
Horse Riding in First Person or Over Shoulder Camera by insane0hflex. This will keep the first person fun going when you are astride Roach. ( youll want to turn auto center camera off in the witcher options menu)

You may run into a conflict with the above mod. if so, navigate to ( and open it with notepad, then search for:


and replace it with:


-The camera will automatically pull out of first person for combat (yay!). You'll need to toggle Witcher sense on again after combat to re-enter first person. 

-If you talk to someone while in first person, Geralt will be invisible during the cutscene. Just pull out of first before talking to avoid this. 

-The trace for interactions still comes from Geralts pawn... sometimes you will be facing a thing with your camera.. but Geralts actual pawn will be looking in a different direction and so the interact wont show up. Youll need to back up, then walk forward towards the item in question to make sure Geralts pawn is aligned with your camera and so get the interact prompt. You can also see Geralt's rotation, AND the camera rotation in the mini map, when in doubt.

-You can toggle between two different walk speeds for Geralt. This is mostly useless in first person, but one of them causes Geralt to sprint for a second at the start of movement. If this is feeling janky in first person just hit Cntrl. (or whatever button you use to toggle movement speed) 

Have fun! Take video! WOohoo!