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Overhaul of my old mod "Combat HUD" -- this redux version entirely redoes the original mod by adding new features, making it even easier to merge for people with a lot of mods, making it easier to modify aspects of the HUD to your desires, etc.

Similar to the "Friendly HUD" feature in concept, but with added features and ease-of-use.

Permissions and credits
Let me me preface this by explaining the original issue with "Combat HUD" -- long story short, that mod was created by modifying assets of the popular mod "Friendly HUD" with the goal of allowing users to use the HUD features from that mod without having to worry about collisions or merging (because it's an incredibly engrossing, impressive mod -- for people with something like 90+ mods covering different aspects of the game, trying to merge something such as "Friendly HUD" is damn near impossible without requiring compromises.  So the idea wasn't malicious; I wasn't trying to steal wghost81's hard work.   I was just trying to allow users that were unable to install "Friendly HUD" because of its scope the ability to use a feature I thought was incredibly useful (because I, too, couldn't merge "Friendly HUD" to save my life).  However, in the end, it was not fair of me to create and upload that mod without consent -- so this mod aims to fix that by recreating the mod with original assets and added usability.

// General Settings //
  • Enabling HUD elements of your choice once you enter combat and / or draw your swords.
  • Enabling HUD elements of your choice once you use witcher senses.
  • Displaying your HP bar upon your health changing.

// Fade-Out Times & Sensitivity //
  • Adjusting the fade-out times for your combat / sword draw HUD elements, witcher senses HUD elements, and HP bar separately from the in-game menu.
  • Adjusting the sensitivity of your HP bar displaying (this is an arbitrary number you'll need to mess with to find what value suits you best)
--- By default, the value is 120 -- this won't show your health when eating food that gives you 50 hp/s (e.g., water), but it will show when you use something
     that gives you 80 hp/s (e.g., Superior Swallow).
--- A value of 150 won't show you either, UNLESS you use both at the same time.
--- A value of 50 will show just about all food items and health potions.

// HUD Configuration //
  • Choosing what HUD elements are displayed when you enter combat and / or draw your swords.
  • Choosing what HUD elements are displayed when you use witcher senses.

  • Check the  changelog  for version update info.

  • If you speak language other than English or German and want the mod localized in your language, DM me and help me translate!

  • If you play the game in any language besides English (en) and German (de), your menu may be messed up.  To fix this, go into "..\modUniversalSetBonusesRedux\content\" and copy either "de.w3strings" or "en.w3strings" -- then rename the copy to whatever language you play the game in.  (So if you play in Russian, rename the copied "en.w3strings" to "ru.w3strings")

  • I have not tried this mod on version 1.32 -- all versions and testing of this mod were done on version 1.31, using the "1.32 to 1.31 Unification Patch."  So if you're still using version 1.32, I cannot guarantee if it'll work or not.  It might.  It might not.  Feel free to give it a shot and let me know.  

  • Ignore the next note -- version 1.1 adds this line so people no longer have to manually enter it.

  • If you you get this error message...
Error [modcustomlocalizationfix]game\gui\main_menu\ingamemenu\ I dont know any 'IGMActionType_Button'
... after merging this mod with others, then add  'IGMActionType_Button = 28,' to line 40 of the '' file in your  'mod0000_MergedFiles' folder.

Thank you to Radiat28 and joshl77 for bringing the issue to my attention!
Thank you to b1ackbeat for the above localization fix!
Thank you to ninjafakersacc for the German localization!


(1)  Drop the "modCombatHudRedux" folder into the "mods" folder in your Witcher 3 directory.

(2a)  Drop the "bin" folder into your Witcher 3 directory.
(2b) If you're paranoid like me, copy and paste the "CombatHudReduxMenu.xml" file into your "..\bin\config\r4game\user_config_matrix\pc\" directory.

(3) Use the Witcher 3 Script Merger to find & fix any conflictions. (Link:

(4) Lastly, launch the game and disable the HUD elements you wish to use (personally, I disable everything even if I'm not using them).

     |___ VIDEO
             |___ HUD CONFIGURATION
             |___ Minimap  [Off]
             |___ Active Quests  [Off]
             |___ Display Witcher Medallion and Stat Bar  [Off]
             |___ Damaged Items  [Off]
             |___ Additional Equipment  [Off]

Could potentially fix an error for some getting a specific error after merging.

(6) (Optional) Personally, I never use the Item Info module -- however I included it because I figured some people do.
-- If you're like me and don't like using it and cluttering the screen but still find it useful, I recommend downloading this mod:
"Items In Radial Menus"  (Link:
-- Essentially, you can turn off the "Additional Equipment" module, but still see your equipment when you use the radial menu.

I included a localization folder that contains the '.csv' file for those that want to add other languages, change menu names, etc.  The entire mod should be pretty damn well commented, so it should be pretty easy to understand most of what's going on.  But as for the '.csv' file, I recommend checking out my 'DEEN' tool down below -- used it throughout every version and iteration of this mod.  Makes encoding and decoding '.csv' and '.w3strings' files super fast and easy.

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