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Scarier appearance (dlc only) for Gaunter O'Dimm. Two versions.

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Hi, after years in this community, I want to tell you something:
1) Modders do work voluntarily and for free for you, so they probably deserve a little respect.
2) "Please" and "thanks" are magic words. "Endorse" is a clickable button.
3) When you treat modders like your servants and just keep asking for something, you only get the modders to stop publishing their work (as many good modders have already done) and you don't get anything.


Put modGaunter to mods folder.
If something goes wrong, give my mod higher priority or merge it for avoid mod limit.

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Phoenix Lighting Mod (it's just amazing)
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Big thanks to CD PROJEKT RED and Andrzej Sapkowski for best games and best novels in this world.
Also thanks to:
www.nexusmods.com for www.nexusmods.com
Sarcen for his awesome W3Edit
xtcislove for his Quick Modding Tool V2.1
my employer for money
my girlfriend for patience with me
and my cat for her cuteness