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This mod adds a new 'Extreme' preset in the graphics settings and enables 4K texture loading.

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Only works with v1.31/1.32

This mod allows some graphic options to bet set beyond their 'Ultra' preset. The goal was to achieve a good balance between performance and appearance.

How to install:

  • Create a backup of this file: \The Witcher 3\bin\config\r4game\user_config_matrix\pc\rendering.xml
  • Navigate to <game_path> (e.g. D:\Games\GOG Galaxy\Games\The Witcher 3)
  • Drag and drop the two folders mods and bin there
  • When asked to replace files click yes

How to activate:

  • Start the game
  • Go to Options\Video\Graphics
  • Use your mouse wheel or arrow keys to select Extreme preset

How to uninstall:

  • Delete modEnhancedGraphicSettings from <game_path>\mods
  • Copy and replace your backed up rendering.xml to <game_path>\bin\config\r4game\user_config_matrix
  • If you had not created a backup then download Uninstall from files and copy the bin folder to your <game_path>

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