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They made them wear little tin foil hats!

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Ever wondered how CD Project RED made all those chickens run around and behave like .. well .. chickens? This mod reveals the shocking truth. They are mind controlled! They made them wear little tin foil hats! What a shame! Really.

Massive Gameplay Enhancement!

Just by adding a chicken with a hat, game immersion will increase dramatically! Trust me. Now, you want to travel to all those locations with chickens and check for the hats and make screenshots. Hours and hours of additional and addictive gameplay! The mind-controlled-chicken plot will keep you thinking - even out-of-game while e.g. polishing your chainsaw collection. Unbelievable!

This is what users say!
"best mod 2015"
"Makes game 10,000 % better"
"I wanna have your babies" [undocumented statement. please contact mod author if you feel like this]

And it has not ended yet!
Watch out for our 'helmetNation' season pass, coming soon(tm). Adding tin foil hats to wolves, fishes and unicorns. Yeah, right, every unicorn in the game will also wear a hat. Now, is this great or what!? [naah, just kidding. no more silly hats]

Check out this mods video by EyeSpyIrishGuy:
Aside from the chicken hat thing, quite a few nice mods are presented there. Must watch!


Tech Info
Made that crap using the W3 Mod Tools and W3MH and C4D. To install, unpack and place folder in '...\The Witcher 3\mods\' directory.
Files changed (hat only applied to brown chickens. The white ones are evil):
characters\models\animals\chicken\model\t_01__chicken.w2mesh, t_01__chicken__d01.xbm, t_01__chicken__n01.xbm

Work on the fbx was done with C4D R16 (Prime). Import sometimes comes in with wrong orientation, so need to reorient and rebase axes. As soon as joints are in there and you add mesh parts, vertex wighting may need adjustment, too. On export, I tick 'export materials', but not 'embed textures'. For a starter, you might want to use e.g. a shield item (no joints) and just displace a vertex, to see how it turns out. That is what I did in the beginning.