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Horse Riding in First Person or Over Shoulder Camera - a mod that gives you two options to install: A first person horse riding view, or a third person horse riding view.

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First Person or Over the Shoulder Horse Riding Camera
by insane0hflex

I created two horse riding camera mods. One is first person, another is a third person over the right shoulder camera. See the video below.

Install one option.

For both options, when you are in combat, the camera zooms to the default 3rd person view that is centered on the horse. The first person option has code that is commented that you can uncomment to enable first person horse combat.

If you'd like have Geralt in over the shoulder camera, 3rd person, while on foot, check out the Close Cam mod by Wask. Install that mod along and also install this mod.

Or you can install the 1st person option from the Close Cam mod, and use that along with the First Person Horse Riding Camera option for more a first person feel.

Also, I recommend to install this mod, that disables the Camera automatically centering - No Automatic Camera Centering by modcollector245

Horse Riding Camera Mod - Over Shoulder or First Person
Over the Shoulder is shown first, then First Person starts at 1:10

Download either modFirstPersonHorseCamera or modOverShoulderHorseCamera

See either this quick video guide on how to install manually:

Or use Nexus Mod Manager (NMM) to install.

Additional notes
You can edit the mod to your liking, by modifying the file, located here: <your witcher 3 dir>\mods\modFirstPersonHorseCamera \content\scripts\game\player\states\vehicles\

You can change the position/depth of the camera by modifying the DampVectorSpring function, in the third paramenter (eg Vector( x, y, z) - x, y, and z are all of type float. X is horizontal (x-axis), Y is depth (3d y-axis), Z is height.

For further knowledge, research the Camera class, the DampVectorSpring and DampFloatSpring helper functions to understand how the camera works.

The First Person camera mod has a FOV of 75 while horse is cantering, and 85 when the hosrse is galloping.

The Over the Shoulder camera mod has a FOV of 75 when you are on the horse.

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