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Personal Reshade i use, made for ALM. Improved Ambient Occlusion, Atmosphere, Bloom, Sharpening. Brings out the best of the game engine without twisting the color palette too much.

Permissions and credits
My personal take on the Witcher 3. Made and tweaked extensively. Aims to improve :

- Overall atmosphere
- Improved Bloom
- Improved Sharpening
- Naturally blending colors
- No excessive blurring or bleeding

Installation :

1. Download and install Reshade by Crosire.
2. Install all the recommended shaders EXCEPT MXAO when asked to.
(I recommend doing so as it might duplicate when you select the preset and overdo the effect, not to mention it taxes your system for more fps.)
3. Download and extract the archive from here.
(preset file to The Witcher 3 - Wild Hunt\bin\x64)
(shaders to The Witcher 3 - Wild Hunt\bin\x64\reshade-shaders\Shaders)
These should extract to their correct locations if you unzip my archive to The Witcher 3 - Wild Hunt\bin\x64.
4. Launch the game and press (Home) that will bring up the Reshade menu.
5. Select one of my presets and enjoy!

- Quality Preset - Includes extra Ambient Occlusion
- Performance Preset - WIthout AO

6. (Optional and recommended) Tweaked to work with Ambient Lighting Mod > You can find the download here Discord
(But should work just fine with most lighting mods out there, haven't tested much)

After hours and hours of tweaking during gaming i believe this will make sure you experience no headaches of any kind. It's been made to make the game feel smooth without any overly intrusive effects. Especially during cutscenes, conversations, and the notorious dark or night scenes. Try it !

Recommendations :

The post-processing settings i use for desired effect like screenshots :

- Bloom  :  OFF
- Anti-Aliasing - ON
- Sharpening - Low
- Vignette - OFF
- Depth of Field - ON
(rest at your preference)

I would also recommend you use the following mods i personally use for additional fidelity :

E3 Native Depth of Field by KNG ( have it set to 0.2)
Beautiful Grass Mod V3 by Boostin4kix
Brutal Face by Serj ( by your preference )
HD Reworked Project by Halk Hogan PL
New Fires by Hyadum
The Legendary Viper II by WalteriusMaximus

Disclaimer :

I own nothing. Thanks to :
Euda - for the awesome PPFX Bloom shader for Reshade.
Marty McFly - for the awesome qUINT Lightroom shader for Reshade.
BlueSkyDefender - for the awesome SmartShart shader for Reshade.

All the shaders above and more can be found on the reshade forums for those interested.

Good luck on the path!