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This Reshade preset aims to fix the lackluster ambient occlusion (missing shadows) in Witcher 3, while also adding SMAA for better anti-aliasing, HDR and improved sharpening to make the graphics look more modern.

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The Next-gen update fixed the ambient occlusion and aliasing issues the game had, BUT you can still benefit from this mod by disabling SMAA and MXAO in the Reshade menu and use it for HDR and LumaSharpen with minimal performance impact.

Performance disclaimer:

This mod has a considerable performance cost. At 1080p, performace might drop by as much as 20 fps in some places, so make sure you have a good enough GPU. You can however disable MXAO and SMAA to keep only the HDR and better sharpening for no performance cost.

1. Unzip the downloaded file.
2. Download ReShade from here.
3. Install ReShade into your game (run installer, select 'witcher3.exe' as target, then select DX10/11/12).
4. When prompted, select my preset file to install into the game (OR you can just copy the file into the folder with the .exe file).
5. Start the game and press Home to toggle the ReShade UI, then make sure Ninja_ReShade preset is selected in the 'Home' menu.

1. Be aware that the SMAA shader has a slight negative effect on the UI text readability, it's a limitation of ReShade. If you can't put up with it, disable the SMAA shader in the ReShade Home menu by unchecking it.
2. Having SSAO enabled together with the preset seems to yield the best shadow coverage. This is because SSAO also enables some baked shadows that otherwise won't show. If you can't afford to run both SSAO and the preset, then disable the MXAO shader in the ReShade Home menu and keep SSAO, as the baked shadows have much more visual impact.