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Apply Oil and Equip bomb based on current target and available bestiary entry using a hotkey

Permissions and credits
  • OIL: For oil against the target to be applied, a Bestiary for the current target(monster) should exist in the Glossary Bestiary Menu. So, if your first time ecountering a monster and the Bestiary for the monster does not exist, no oil will be applied.
  • BOMB: The bomb will also be equipped in your quickslot if there is bomb against the monster

Install/Uninstall Mod:
  • Manual Uninstall:
- Delete modQuickApplyOil in "The Witcher 3\mods"
- Delete all existing kebindings in "Documents\The Witcher 3\input.settings"

  • Manual Installation:
- Copy modQuickApplyOil into  "The Witcher 3\mods"  folder
- Copy the bin folder inside modQuickApplyOil into your "The Witcher 3"  folder

  • TW3 Mod Manager
Note: Delete the Gamepad Alternate Scheme keybinds in the input.settings if you are not using Gamepad Alternate mod

Upgrade from 2.0 to 2.1
- Copy modQuickApplyOil into  "The Witcher 3\mods"  folder
Copy the bin folder inside modQuickApplyOil into your "The Witcher 3"  folder
- Replace All when prompted
- No need to edit input.settings

Control Scheme (input.settings): 
   Open the text file and copy its content in the top of your input.settings. Choose only one scheme

  • Gamepad_keybind.txt                    -  Control scheme for Gamepad User. Press Y in Radial Menu
  • GamepadAlternate_keybind.txt    -  Control scheme for Gamepad Altenate User
  • PCKeybind                                      -  Control scheme for Keyboard User

Menu Option
  • Allow No Bestiary  -  Apply oil even without the bestiary of the monster
  • Keybind Options 
- Tap Only - Apply Oil and Equip Bomb
- Tap and Hold - Tap: Apply Oil Only & Hold: Apply Oil and Equip Bomb
  • Auto: Condition - Apply oil and equip bomb when combat start
- Disabled    - Disable auto mode
- Boss Only  - Auto Apply on Boss only
- Common   - Auto Apply on Common Enemy
- All               - Auto Apply to all enemy
  • Auto: Items
 - Apply Oil and Equip Bomb
 - Apply Oil Only
  • Auto: Enemy Count (>=)    - Apply Oil and Equip Bomb depending on the number of enemies
  • Disable Auto For Low Lvl Enemy - Do not apply oil on low level enemy
  • Filter: E below P lvl diff ( >=) - Low level enemy Filter ( 1 to 15)
Player Level = 21
Ghoul Level = 9
Level Difference is 12
Filter = 6

The auto mode will not be executed because the level difference is beyond 6

- Try installing Upatch and Script Merger Unofficial Patch
- If installing Upatch doesn't solve the problem, try manual configuration

- EDIT: "The Witcher 3\Mods\modQuickApplyOil\content\scripts\local\"

- Change:
default MENU_CONFIG = true;
- To:
default MENU_CONFIG = false;

- Manually change the values of each line that start with "default",

  • For human, Hanged Man's Venom will be applied
  • If same oil already exist in the sword, the oil will not be reapplied
  • If different oil applied to the sword, the old oil will be removed and the new one will be applied

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