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Uncook, export and easily import files using a GUI.

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NOTE: This program was made soon after ModKit was released. If I remember correctly the ModKit was updated since then (also the game itself), but ModKitchen wasn't updated to take those changes into account. I'm writing this warning because people still use it and I get messages about it from time to time. I haven't been modding TW3 for a long while so at this point I don't know exatly what potential issues you may encounter or how to fix them, to be honest. Most funcionality should work fine but I can't guarantee that you won't run into problems.
If there is another tool on Nexus that can do the job, and I'm sure there is, I advise that you use it instead of ModKitchen.
This is effectively abandonware.

ModKitchen - GUI for The Witcher 3 ModKit
v 1.0.1

  • Read the official ModKit manual. Seriously.
  • .NET Framework 4.5
  • Witcher 3 Modding Tools
  • No spaces in the paths. The only paths that can have spaces are for ModKit (wcc_lite.exe) and installed game (uncooking).
  • Remember to set paths before running stuff. Otherwise it will throw up ugly errors (but shouldn't crash). I'm working on warnings now.

What does it do?
  • The goal is to have one GUI to help you deal with the game files for your mod, without the need to type stuff into the command line.
  • Uncook the game content.
  • Export a whole directory at once (recursive dir search)
  • Export a list of chosen files.
  • Exported files are kept in their original relative path for easier import. (You can set the output path to the same as 'uncooked path' to save new files in their correspodning source folders)
  • Import and build your mod.
  • Remember main paths (wcc and uncooked dir)
  • As a wcc_lite wrapper it only operates on a limited set of file types. There is ScriptStudio for scripts.

What will it do?
  • Have less bugs. It should work as intended if everything is set up correctly though.
  • Maybe have more options. And look better.

Building example:
  1. Export files to C:\MyNewMod\Modded\
  2. Program will save files with their relative depot path, so you should get something like C:\MyNewMod\Modded\characters\models\main_npc\dandelion\model\t_01_ma__dandelion.fbx
  3. Mod the files.
  4. In the Build tab write a name for the mod. For example "DandelionTheGuitarHero". Spaces will be eaten automatically, so there's no point in typing them.
  5. Select C:\MyNewMod\ as the working directory.
  6. Hit Build.
  7. Pray to Melitele that it works.
  8. Go to C:\MyNewMod\Packed\ and zip the "modDandelionTheGuitarHero" folder and share it on Nexus :) Or just copy it to your game's mod folder and enjoy.


  The GUI calls wcc_lite.exe which takes a long time before it starts actually doing things. In export and import mode it launches a new instance for every file, so don't export large batches uless you absolutely have to. When you see a black command window, give it some time. I tried running multiple instances of wcc simultaneously, but then it crashes, so there's no other, reliable way. 

If something about the ModKitchen bothers you greatly, something doesn't work, or you have an idea how to improve it, write a post or send me a PM.

  v 1.0.1
  • Added an option to build xml edits
  v 1.0
  • Added "one-click" build. Name your mod, select a working directory with your modded files and hit "Build!" to run all wcc_lite operations automatically (import, cook, build texture cache, pack, generate metadata store). It's best to use built-in export function to save files in <workdir>\Modded\ to keep the relative depot path for files (it's necessary for import). Unless you want to do it by hand.
  v 0.2.3
  • it will remember main paths now (creates a config file)
  v 0.2.1
  • fixed uncooking
  v 0.2
  • added uncooking
  • added export of selected files

[!] Note that there is a problem either with the game files or the wcc_lite.exe. Some files refuse to be uncooked and exported and there's nothing I can do about it. Supposedly CDPR is investigating.