The Witcher 3
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This is a complete and easy to use UI for the Modkit/wcc_lite. It offers a complete list of all commands for wcc_lite, e.g. analyze, cook, dumpbundledir, export, import etc.

Permissions and credits
Complete ModKit (wcc_lite) UI - All Commands

If you experience an error or if the commandlets don't work, please tell me. It isn't always easy to get the exact syntax of the commands.

- support for wcc bulk operations.
- added bulk export command.

- custom Shortcut Support
- custom command line editing



This is a complete and easy to use UI for the Modkit/wcc_lite.

It offers a complete list of all commands for wcc_lite, e.g. analyze, uncook, unbundle, dumpbundledir, export, import etc. For a full list of commands see below.

- log window
- outfile window
- full list of commands and descriptions
- file and directory browser support
- enum support
- favourite command support
- custom shortcut support (To add a shortcut click File-Show Shortcuts and drop the shortcut of your program there.)


analyze - Analyze game and engine data and output cook lists
splitcache - Split cache file into multiple files
reportchunks - Reports file usage and chunk distribution of a given cook database.
dumpbundleinfo - Dumps info for bundled files.
dumpscripts - Dump data from compiled scripts
export - Export single assets from the engine
gluefiles - Glues files into optimal files
gluefilesdlc - Glues files into optimal files
import - Import assets into the engine
loadtest - Attempts to load all resources to check for errors.
validate - Validate resources
get_txts - Save Dialog Lines
dumpfile - Dump file content (objects)
optimizecollisioncache - Optimize (resort) collision cache
patch - Generalized commandlet for creating differential patches for specified type of content.
r4characters - Extracts a list of character templates from cook.db
r4charactersdlc - Extracts a list of character templates from cook.db
unbundle - Unbundle the files
dumpcharset - Dumps the charset used in a given strings file (*.w3strings).
uncook - Uncooks resources from a given bundle set.
venc - Create USMs
WorldSceneDependencyInfoFiles - Creates the .dep files
buildcache - Build data cache from cooked assets
metadatastore - Generates a file for the specified directory
dependencies - Build dependency cache file
exportbundles - Build final bundle lists
filever - Check file versions
cook - Cook file lists, generate cooked data and bundle files for packing
questlayoutdump - Saves quest layout for use in external QuestDebugger.
pack - Packs file from given directory into a bundle
resourceusage - Export spatial resource usage information from a given world
cooksubs - Don't ask
cooksounds - No operation
split - Split the files into content buckets
package - Packs a world directories into a single dzip for faster loading and deployment on consoles.
splitstrings - Splits strings and speech files for a given language based on JSON descriptor.
swfdump - Dump SWF stuff
swfimport - Bulk import resources preserving directory structure
resave - Resaves resources and optionally submits the changes into P4.
cookmaterials - Cooks materials
cookocclusion - Generate occlusion for given worlds
calculateRuntimeOcclusionMemory - Calculate required memory for runtime occlusion data for the level
findDuplicates - Find duplicate geometry for the level
pathlib - Generate navigation data for given world
cookstrings - Cooks strings and speech database, given a list of languages and platforms.
testcollisioncache - Test asynchrnous collision cache access
cookertest - Test of wcc
testmem - Test memory framework, streaming, GC and resource management stability
voconvert - Convert voiceover files from .wav to .ogg


0a. Download the TW3 Official Modkit from Nexus:
Official ModKit 1.3

0b. Download this mod,
1. Unpack the archive to a folder of your choice.
2. Run Wcc_lite-GUI.exe and locate wcc_lite.


The Witcher 3 Discord for general help on TW3 modding.
Traderain and
Murzinio for picklerick coding advice.
Lexar for ever-lasting inspiration to mod tw3.