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Clear all crappy gears from merchants' inventories to speed up their loading time, change the number of days they get their funds, and more...

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  • Mandarin
Greatly speed up all merchants loading time by clearing all crappy weapons and armors from their inventories. Filter gears clearance based on whether they are armors, weapons, crossbows, item quality, levels (below Geralt), and enhanced or enchanted status with a fully customizable ingame menu.

Features include:
-Clear crap armors, based on filters,
-Clear crap weapons, based on filters,
-Change the number of days that merchants increase their funds,
-Have merchants add funds upon opening their shops with X amount of money,
....more future features when I have more ideas.

Enjoy and let me know what you think in the comments! :)

Menu Descriptions:

Filters Priority:
Crossbows: clearWeapon > clearCrossbow > quality
Non-crossbows gears: clearArmor/Weapon > quality > enhanced or enchanted > level

What gears are kept (default mod settings):
-all crossbows of all quality.
-all witcher quality gears, regardless of level or enhanced/enchanted status.
-all relic quality gears which are higher levels than Geralt.
-all relic quality gears which are less than 10 levels below Geralt.
-all enhanced/enchanted gears which are relic quality and less than 10 levels below Geralt.
-all casual armors (ie. doublet, shirt, trousers, etc.) which might be used in crafting or quests (ie. Triss's masquerade).

WARNING: The item removal process is DESTRUCTIVE. Meaning, when you install and enable the mod, crap items will get removed. If you make a new save, remove the mod, and load that new save file, your removed items won't come back. So make a save before using this mod to test if it works like you wanted before committing to it.

Tested on GOG GOTY 1.31A
REQUIRED: Menu String mod.

1. Move the modImprovedMerchants folder into your Witcher3/mods folder (if it doesn't exist, create it).
2. Move the bin folder into your root Witcher 3 folder.
3. Use Script Merger to merge any conflict.

To Ghost Mode users:
This mod is compatible with Ghost Mode v4.0. However, there are a few things you need to know.

1. Ghost Mode already has a built-in ClearLowLevelWeapons function, which clears ALL gears more than 2 levels below Geralt, regardless of quality or any other filter. If you use modImprovedMerchants together without doing step 2 (below), some gears that were meant to be kept by modImprovedMerchants's filters will be removed by GM's ClearLowLevelWeapons function.
2. So it is recommended to disable GM's ClearLowLevelWeapons function, and let modImprovedMerchants handles all the crap items clearing part. To do this, open The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt GOTY\mods\modGhostMode\content\scripts\game\npc\, and delete/comment out the line: invComp.ClearLowLevelWeapons(); //modSigns
3. Use Script Merger to re-merge the conflicts.

If you want to help out with the translation to other languages, please use the localization file included to translate the text on the far right (also change the language on the top), and make sure to set the encoding to UTF-8 (use Notepad++, instead of MS Excel). You can send that translation to me or encode it youself using w3strings encoder . Then upload it on a hosting website, send me the file, and I'll credit you and upload it in the optional section for everyone.