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Gives Lambert and Eskel new swords so that, like Vesemir, they also have unique swords. The swords can be obtained by Geralt through a mini-quest.

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- - - - - -  Features  - - - - - -

  • Two new, unique pairs of swords for Lambert and Eskel

  • Diagrams for the swords can be obtained after the Battle of Kaer Morhen through a very brief quest started by picking up a note in the keep's main hall

  • Lambert's swords are awarded after the Battle of Kaer Morhen depending on the outcome (I don't have a save to test this so I'm not actually sure if this part works)

  • Optional npc only version without new items or quest, only Lambert and Eskel npc changes

  • Next gen and classic compatible

  • New game plus compatible

- - - - - -  Installation and Updating  - - - - - -

Drop the contents of the zip into your Witcher 3 directory. If using one of the full versions and updating from an old version, first uninstall the old version, then make a new save, and then install the update. Otherwise, the quest will not function. If you've already completed the quest, this is unnecessary.

- - -  Credits  - - -

The swords and the icons are from Promotional And Trailers Wolf Swords and Killing Monsters Appearance. Thanks to NayefK93 for letting me use them.