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Trial 6 - Advanced Scenes (3 comments)

  1. rmemr
    • supporter
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    Trial 6 - Advanced scenes

    You already created simple scenes which concentrated on the content (e.g. dialog and choices). In this trial the focus will be on the presentation and on using custom audio for scenes, including setting up the lipsync animations.

    Your task is to:

    • create a new scene which tries to follow some cinematography guideline (see cinematography infos)
    • custom voicelines (record something yourself or just use some voicelines from outside the game) should be used by some actor and lipsync animatons should work
    • some advanced storyboard features should be used, e.g. using a sword-drawing animation and attaching the sword into the actors hand at the appropriate timing
    • a scene should contain at least one camerablend
    • a scene should contain an item or actor placement interpolation, e.g. some looped walking, horse riding
    • some weighted mimic and/or additive animations should be used
    • it should contain at least one timed effect activation, e.g. teleport in or out of one actor which would include visibility changing, too
    • ask questions if something is not clear and provide feedback if important information to accomplish the tasks is missing
    • help your fellow apprentices

    >> article with background information and tips for trial 6 <<
  2. perry92
    • supporter
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    hey rmemr,

    great tools, ive only just been looking over making a couple of scenes which is actually so simple with your tools and the tutorials for the basic dialogues are fantastic.

    I have hit a slight hitch moving forward however as i really want to be able to add dialogue sound into the scene but i cant work out how to do it. before i even get to lip syncing, could you explain a bit how i would attach a wem file to play the characters voice.
    1. rmemr
      • supporter
      • 604 posts
      • 103 kudos

      It's difficult to answer without knowing what you have already read and tried.

      But if you want to use a custom wem audio file in a dialogue the 6th trial article (2nd part) describes the procedure. The lipsync animation is actually required in the encoded speech file. But don't worry, some lipsync anim will be always generated automatically anyway. The only thing that you can actually do is to (optionally) tweak the timings for the automatic generation beforehand.

      So basically follow along the articles info and skip the manual tuning of lipsync timings for first results. You can still do this afterwards.

      Using vanilla audio lines should work out-of-the-box if you use sbui to select the voiceline as it dumps the strings-id (==voiceline id) into the dump of the scene definition.

      Hope that helps. If you need more information maybe it's easier to discuss this online on the discord server.