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Trial 4 - Scene Basics (1 comment)

  1. rmemr
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    Trial 4 - Scene Basics

    At this point you have set up at least one basic quest and some communities but interactions between player and actors are still missing. This trial concentrates on the creation of simple scenes that can be used in quests to allow interaction with actors (e.g. quest givers) and adaptation of the questflow based on choices the player makes in the dialogs. To reduce the complexity this trial will focus only on the basics and on a fast tweak-encode-test cycle for scenes. More advanced features (storyboard sections, custom audio, ...) and connecting with a quest/community will be picked up in later trials.

    Your task is to:

    • make a new custom in-game scene which can be played multiple times on demand (either by script or a hotkey)
    • multiple actors (at least player and another actor) should be present and active in the scene
    • try to vary the camera framing a little during the dialog
    • use some basic animations, e.g. some gestures for actors while speaking
    • there should be at least one choice section with different dialog flow based on the players choice
    • post a vid of two different flows of the dialog based on choices
    • ask questions if something is not clear and provide feedback if important information to accomplish the tasks is missing
    • help your fellow apprentices

    >> article with background information and tips for trial 4 <<