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Makes Geralt Head look more like in the VGX 2013 Trailer.

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The infamous prerelease trailers showed many different Geralts, among them a legend, the one they call Geralt of the VGX demo.
This mod aims to bring him back!

The Head meshes have been reshaped, the Textures reworked and the beards precisely adjusted and recoloured.
Supports the tattooed appearences as well as the hos marked. Basically every Geralt appearence except the head mesh for the robbery. His face is covered there anyway.
Does not support the dlc beards at the moment.
Hairworks beards are not supported, sorry. Its simply not possible to edit hw assets meaning its not possible to adjust them to the new headshape.
There are two versions. One full VGX with a grey coloured Beard (in line with grey Hair mod) and another with a vanilla coloured Beard.

Update 1.1:
fixed the HoS Appearences

-drop the modVGX_Geralt (or modVGX_Geralt_Vanilla_Beard) folder into your mods folder
-enjoy :)

This mod also edits the eyes faithfully to the vgx trailer (round pupils). You shall not pass (!) this mod off yet tho. If you want to use your favourite eye mod instead you can! Just give the said eye mod higher priority and you should be good.

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Geralt Grey Hair by Paulscotttttttt

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Budong for giving a head start with this
Votislav for letting us use the stubble from his mod
Hyadum and Scoutbro for answering every modeling question I (Nudel) have
Crasher for a tip about weighting to get the beards right.
Linas for the screenshots
Erx for always lurking in the shadows