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Makes Geraldo look great again

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AS SEEN ON PC GAMER (basically only because of the wide Gerry photo)

Geraldo gets albino skin, white brows, yellow eyesstriga scars™, a LOT better matching HW beard, and quite possibly THE BEST STUBBLE IN THE WORLD.

The problem with all previous Geralt retextures on this place is that they totally neglect the pedostache phase every Geralt has to go through.
I say fuck that, he's lost his pigment, hasn't he? His stubble should also be white! And the mustache isn't the only thing that grows first when you shave... After months of trying to make it look decent, I realized I have made a gem. I share this with you so you can feel as good as I do.

Not exaggerating at all. Just look at this comparison:

(yes, that's is what geralt's textures look like. stop screaming.)

There's also a redder version in the downloads, was my first try at all of this, thought maybe some folks liked that kind of stuff. Has the same eyes, stubble™ and HW beard, but still has the vanilla red skin, some way worse eyebrows, and no striga scar. I won't ever update it.

HOS/tattoo compatible and stuff. Probably won't ever update it because I've been working on this since February for myself and only decided to upload it when I was 100% done with it because some folks told me to.
Maaaay add some normals (read: "weather" his face) to make him look even better. Till then I'll be using Weathered Face by curme, and I suggest you to do the same. It looks amazing.
There will be some conflict with this, just give Weathered Face the priority.

Other mods for our favorite Jerry that I use and recommend:
Cinematic Hair by Feregorn & Holgar96
Disable HairWorks on Geralt (Beard version)

In the screenshots, I'm also using:
Killing Monsters Armor by Crasher
Wolf Medallion by CAPA
Promotional and Trailers Wolf Swords by NayefK93

Shoutouts to reraldo, we did our geraldo mods at the same time and gave each other tips at the same time. I taught the motherfucker to uncook mods, and he published his first mod before me. What a jerk. jk luv ya bb