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Changes cloud textures.

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Fresh new description, so here we go.

I changed the mod title from "New Heavy Clouds" to "New Clouds" because the mod now includes also light clouds aswell. 

Ok, now that we got the memes out of the way, here we go with the explanation of the files:

  • MixedMoreNewClouds (in optional files): this one includes all the new textures ( yes, that means v1-v2 of heavy clouds and v1-v2 of light clouds). They're used in rotation with each emitter loop. I did this for my setup and decided to share it here. Along with the textures ( that DON'T replace vanilla ones) it also includes the following particle files : cumulus_layer_particles.w2p, cumulus_particles_big.w2p, cumulus_particles_big_shafts.w2p. If you want to use this version, make sure your lighting mod setup does not edit these files or does not use any DLC w2p files for the weathers you want my clouds to show up for. If it does, you'll most likely see vanilla clouds (and maybe no clouds at all, but that should not happen).
  • NewHeavyCloudsV1-V2 : newer textures that replaces vanilla heavy cloud textures. Only heavy clouds are replaced with this version. Choose which one you prefer, they're fairly similar.
  • NewSmallCloudsV1-V2 : replaces vanilla light cloud textures. Same as heavy ones, they're fairly similar, so again choose what you like more.
  • NewHeavyClouds (old version) : first version of the mod I had uploaded. I kept it in the old files, in case someone prefers that one.
  • MixedMoreHeavyClouds( old version) first mixed clouds that only change heavy textures. It does not replace vanilla heavy clouds.

Apart from my personal mixed more clouds setup (optional file) I decided to keep each retexture separated, so you guys can pick what you want for each type (light-heavy). I don't wanna do 10000 versions. It gets confusing quite fast :)


kilbeeu for his awesome blender cloud shader on blender swap.

Old File
The_Crasher for helping me with the textures
Jaume Sánchez for his awesome little website that i've used to have a base for the cloud textures
Linas for actually showing me this website some time ago and for the video, thanks bro!
KamehamehaNudel for the screenshots :D