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This mod changes the User Interface to something similar seen at showcases throughout 2014.

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Please don't PM ANY of the mod authors about problems you're having about the mod. You will be ignored and most likely blocked. It is annoying receving an endless amount of PMs about this when there's a bug section which I assure you it is being read.


Hello there fellow E3 Fanatics
It has been a long journey, we had lots of laughs, created new memes and lost quite a bit of mental sanity in trying to bring you the hud you had always dreamed about. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and embrace all that E3 glory! We hope you will enjoy it just as much as we did making it, if not more!

This Mod aims to bring back the old Hud & Ui shown in the famous gameplay demo from E3 2014. It was created by Team mostly from scratch, while some assets are leftover files or from pre 1.22 builds of the game.
  • every menu got revamped into e3 style
  • animated background for every menu except Inventory and Bestiary
  • the hud is e3 style
  • the original xbox box button icons from e3 2014
  • maps¬† and minimaps in (you guessed it) E3 style
  • new font
  • new regional loading screens
  • new inregional loading screens for every sign post in an either black/white or coloured variant
  • integrated live Bestiary
  • moster Tracker. Shows corresponding monster if active monster hunt quest. Otherwise currently buffed monster

Some advices:
If you are not a big fan of the for example the maps, the mod comes with an mod menu where some features can be toggled.
Options are:

  • animated Background (y/n)
  • E3 maps (y/n)
  • E3 minimaps (y/n)
  • live Bestiary (y/n)
  • Loading screens (coloured/blackwhite)

Perhaps you realized the legend in the Map Menu is missing and now you got no clue how to find the next brothel. But dont worry. The legend can be toggled on and off via "f" (keyboard), "RT" (xBox) or "R2" (PS).
AND NO, the question marks are not missing. It just makes the map kinda cluttered, so we set the standard filter to "gerenal".

You may also have noticed the missing level indicator on monster no matter whether you have scaling on or off. This is an intentional design decision. There was no level indicator at E3 and as faithful e3 fanatics we are, we kept that. We suggest to just play with enemy scaling on, as this is (in our opinion) the prefered way to play anyway. However there is a way to roughly know if an enemy is too high leveled for you to fight : if an enemy name is red, that means he's much higher than you and you probably should run away from the fight. If the name is E3 brown, feel free to wreck him.

Potion slots number has been reduced to 2, to mimic what was shown in the E3 demo. You do however still have access to 4 quickslots, as you can see in the inventory. We basically ported gamepad quickslot behaviour to M&Kb. If you hold F/R, you can swap the potion currently shown to the other one hidden. Basically slot 1 -3 , slot 2 -4.

The inregional loadingscreens are purely aesthetic, as the game is instantly teleporting you. We made it so that they stay for 5 secs so you can look at where you are going on the map and/or read the hint. If you are done earlier you can cancel out of the loading screen with "esc" (keyboard), "B" (xBox), "circle" (PS).

If you are playing in an language other than english, italian, polish, russian, german, portugese or hungarian then some few text might be missing/wrong/weird. This is due to there not being a string file for your language yet. The translation files are uploaded as an optional file with instructions on how to do make yours.

When you are playing with controller pls quit the menu like a normal person ("B"/"circle"). If you quit using start button you may encounter bugs.

Just drop the content of the downloaded rar into your Witcher 3 Main directory (not the one in documents)
add content from input.txt to the bottom of user/documents/the witcher 3/input.settings

If you have Unification Patch installed, be sure to also install the "unification patch compatible scripts" form the optional files.
Also: If you are using Bootstrap mod, rename it to modxBoostrap (or any other way so its below modE3Hud)
PS: If you are looking for compatibility with other mods (for example Friendly Hud) there is a forum section (this pages forum) where successful merges are posted.

The Team: