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Adds shadows to the majority of the lightsources in Toussaint only.

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  • Polish
      This mod is inspired by the More Shadows mod by DJ_Kovrik. Enables shadow casting for the majority of the lightsources (braziers, candles, lamps and torches) in Toussaint only (you are going to need to download the original mod if you want it to affect the base game) as well as tweaks shadow fade and autohide distances for all adjusted lightsources. Not all lightsources were tweaked due to some causing visual glitches but most were. Compatible with the latest 1.31 patch.

      Also includes an all-in-one lightsource customization suite, which enables you to tweak all vanilla light and shadow parameters of Toussaint lightsources. Change the shadow-radius, blend factor, brightness or color of your lights via the mod menu to your liking!

Included light sources:

  • Braziers (16 variations)
  • Campfires (7 variations)
  • Lamps (10 variations)
  • Candles (10 variations)
  • Candleholders (30 variations)
  • Candelabras (6 variations)
  • Torches (9 variations)

Included Mod Options (if using Lighting Customization Suite - Optional):

  • Apply global changes on game-start, or on menu-close
  • Individual tweaking of any lightsource in-game
  • Color of emitted light
  • Shadow Casting Mode
  • Radius
  • Brightness
  • Shadow Fade Distance
  • Autohide Distance
  • etc.

Known bugs:

  • There can be some artifacting when you get closer to some lightsources as the shadows get more detailed.
  • Shadows were reduced from the catacombs due to rooms like these.
  • The shadows for the candle in Corvo Bianco's main table and some lightsources at the bank can sometimes flicker.
  • Some world objects simply do not cast shadows despite the lightsource actually casting them.


1. Download the file;
2. Extract the modMoreShadows_Toussaint folder to /The Witcher 3/Mods/ folder;
3. Launch the game.

Additional installations steps for the Lightsource Customization Suite:

1. Move the bin folder to /The Witcher 3/ directory;
2. Download Shared Imports mod (found on Nexus);

3. Extract the modShadowSuite folder to /The Witcher 3/Mods/ folder;
4. Extract the dlcRFScripthook folder to /The Witcher 3/DLC/ folder;
5. Merge scripts if necessary.


1. Remove the modMoreShadows_Toussaint folder from the /The Witcher 3/Mods/ folder.

Note: If you are going to post about an issue you are having, be sure to post any other mods that you are using that may conflict with it and your game version and beware the mod limit, this has been tested as working without any other mods on version 1.31 of the game.
Note2: This is for Toussaint exclusively, if you want the same effect for the base game, check out the original More Shadows mod, both mods are easily mergeable.


CD Projekt RED for the awesome game
rfuzzo for making the script interaction, plus fixes and knowlodge
DJ_Kovrik for making the original mod
KNGR for being the Top Modder and being bested by us