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This mod aims at bringing (in limits) realistic sailing mechanics to the game.

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v 0.3
by rfuzzo

Update v0.3+
- added boat tilt relative to boat speed and position
- added collision detection
- added acceleration and deceleration dampers


This mod aims at bringing (in limits) realistic sailing mechanics to the game. You can no longer accelerate and decelerate the boat manually, instead the boat will go and stop automatically depending on the position of the boat and the correct angle of the sail to the wind.


- The mod is off by default. To enable it, open the mod menu.
- Use Q when on the boat to enter realistic sailing mode. (Remap key with default menu)
- Forward and back movement keys are changed to 'sheet sail in' (default on S) and 'sheet sail out' (default on W).
- The Boat-Health HUD module is changed to reflect the position of the wind relative to the boat. Make sure you have the Boat health HUD enabled!
- Adds the option to use the ingame wind to sail.

What do I mean by realistic sailing?

Basically this: The speed (and the possibility) of sailing is dependent on the direction of the wind, the position of the boat and the position of the sail on the boat.

In reality, square-rigged boats like the vanilla boat (yes, unlike the E3 preview) would sail like a raft, i.e. be hard to maneuver and would only make real progress when the wind is behind you.

Modern boats (and some ancient ones, like Egyptian Lateen-Riggs or Norman Longships) are more maneuverable, but only up to a certain degree. If you look at the picture below, there is a no-go area around the direction of where the wind comes from, in which you can’t directly sail. There is no way around that, to make headway into this direction, you have to zig-zag, sailing ‘close-hauled’ (B in the picture) on one side, and after some time, cross over to the other. 

In in the mod:
The sail automatically moves if you leave it loose, or turn the boat as it should be. Otherwise, you have to sheet it in (keyboard S) or sheet it out (W). This affect the speed of the boat (as seen in the picture below). Positions of the sail are best possible positions as regarding the speed. If you sheet in or out the boat will get slower. Note that you always move forward if the wind is behind you (D and E).



AUTOMATIC (Recommended)
1. Download and install the W3 mod manager here: https://www.nexusmods.com/witcher3/mods/2678/
2. Download and install Realistic Sailing Mod.

1. Put the modRealisticSailing folder in your mods folder in your W3 directory.
2. Mod Menu: Put the bin folder in your W3 directory. (if you have the file modRealisticSailingConfig.xml  in \bin\config\r4game\user_config_matrix\pc for modRealisticSailingConfig.xml then the menu is installed.)
3. Keybinds 1: Go to \bin\config\r4game\user_config_matrix\pc and locate the input.xml file. Copy and paste the lines from the input.xml.part.txt file in this mod above the existing lines.
4. Keybinds 2: go to Documents\The Witcher 3 and locate the input.settings file. Copy and paste the lines from the input.xml.part.txt file in this mod above the existing lines.

- Run Script Merger.
- Run Mod Merger if you have too many bundle-mods installed.


Erx, KNG and Murzinio for help with the mod.
The Witcher 3 Discord for general shitposting
Traderain and the Wkit team for an amazing mod editor


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