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This simple mod adds a lamp on the player boats. Next Gen compatible.

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This simple mods add a lamp/lantern on the Geralt's boats.

I would say this mod is mostly visual, since vanilla lighting doesn't really need lightsources during nights/storms, as they are really bright. Though if you use any lighting mod or something like Darker nights then I guess it will also help you while sailing around. :)

The lamp should act like a city light, meaning if you find one during the day it will be off, and on if found during the night. Sometimes thought this does bug out and you might find the lamp on with no light emitted. Just turn it on  yourself like you would with any lightsource.

NoCitylight version should keep the state it was left at and not turn on or off automatically following day and night cycle.

Just extract the rar and drop it into your w3 folder.

If you're using one of Scoutbro boat versions, make sure his mod has priority on my mod.


Huge thanks to Scoutbr0 for his help on how "things" work and for fixing a bug with the light entity, wouldn't have done this without him.