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You can finally remove the hoods of Triss, Yennefer and Ciri completely, both for their default and DLC outfits!

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---- Uploaded a special optional version of Triss Hood Removal mod that makes her use her DLC hairstyle with her default appearance. Head over to my other mod Improved Triss to discover 5 new hairstyles for Triss and 2 different color versions, plus a ton of other options! ----

---- Uploaded a combined version of all Hood Removal mods plus a couple of fixes to the separate Triss, Yen, Ciri Hood Removal mods (already included in the combined version. ----

Don't expect another one of my lengthy and enjoyable descriptions here! xD This is a mod that I made upon request for Evgdan95 from the CDPR forums who had posted in a mod request thread dating from 2015 that, hadn't to this day been resolved! That surprised me quite a bit and I took it upon myself, so, almost 2 years late it has been delivered for your enjoyment! After another request, I have now removed the hoods from both Yennefer and Ciri too! Have fun!

This mod is obviously for all those who were bothered by Triss's, Yennefer's and Ciri's hoods.  Are you many? Shout out in the comment section and upload your favorite photos! ;)


1) There are 3 separate mods that remove either Triss's, Yennefer's or Ciri's hoods from all cutscenes and gameplay for all their outfits. You can use 1 or 2 or all of them at the same time! Plus a combined version!

2) They should be compatible with almost any other appearance-altering mod out there. No guarantees through. Just make sure to place it higher in your mod load order. Have already named it accordingly, but you never know...

3) If you notice anything out of the ordinary happening, let me know! - Disclaimer: I'm not accountable for Geralt jumping out of your computer and hunting you for stealing his girlfriend(s)! xD

4) Installation is easy: Just place it in your mods folder

5) I have also made a few small changes:

a) If you have enabled Triss's DLC outfit, then if you go to that dance masquerade thing you should see her DLC dress, instead of the regular dress. Kindly report if this works or not, obviously I haven't reached that part to see it for myself :)

b) If you enable Yennefer's DLC outfit, in certain occasions where with her vanilla appearance she switches to a gown-dress, you will have noticed that with her DLC enabled no change happens. Now, with a small edit I've done she will change to that gown dress when that game situation demands it.

6) And remember, if you like it and it works (that's most important) remember to endorse, post a comment or upload a picture. DON'T BE A LEECHER! BE A SEEDER (or at least) A MORE ACTIVE MEMBER IN THIS GREAT COMMUNITY. Modders need some love too! xD


This mod is also compatible with my other Triss mod that attempts to improve her DLC appearance. If you like what you see in that picture, head to this page: Realistically Improved Triss

And the Yennefer Hood Removal Mod is also compatible with my Yennefer Scarf Removal Mod

If you are surprised by the visuals, that can be attributed to my reshade that's also available on the Nexus: Realistically Gritty Reshade

Also Kudos to 
Dawidbl who helped me by providing savegames and beta-testing this thing with me