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These mods remove Ciri, Triss, and Yennefer hoods to show their beautiful hair.

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These mods remove Ciri, Triss, and Yennefer hoods to show their beautiful hair. Compatible with vanilla and DLC costumes. Tested on GOG GOTY 1.31.

You may wonder why I'm making these mods when there are already similar mods by Feregorn. Well, I'm using some different ways to "remove" the hood, which should theoretically increase compatibility with other mods, since they don't modify the character entity files at all like his version. Anyways, now you have 2 versions to choose from, so pick your poison! If one doesn't work, you can try the other.

Note: These mods also change the half-bald hairstyle (which CDPR implemented for when the characters wear a hood to prevent clipping) to their regular travel hairstyle. So they may or may not be compatible with some hair mods YMMV. Let me know in the comments and if I have time, I may make a compatible version for you.

1. Remove any old version of these mods you have installed.
2. To install, simply extract the archive into the "mods" folder at the root of your Witcher 3 installation folder (if it doesn't exist, create it).

If these mods don't work for you, then try making them higher/lower priority than your other Ciri/Triss/Yen mods (ie. rename the mod folder or use mods.setting file). I've tested Triss thoroughly, but only slightly tested Yennefer and Ciri due to a lack of save files for them. If you see any instance of them still wearing their hood or any weird bug, please let me know in the comment and include a save file too, so I can test it. Thanks.

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motivates me to release more mods. Thanks. :)