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Please, read the readme file to install the mod properly no matter whether you're using NMM or doing manual install (click readme tab above or open README.txt located inside modFriendlyHUD folder)! Readme file also covers mod configuration, updating, de-installation and default key bindings. Russian readme file for my fellow witchers from Russia can be found in modFriendlyHUD folder.

Friendly HUD Mod
(the first video is a demo of mod's features and the second one is a tutorial explaining how to install the mod)

Main features

Switching some parts of the HUD off allows for more immersive gameplay. But playing without minimap or healthbar can be as painful under certain circumstances as it's fantastic while just exploring the world. This mod offers a lot of options to configure HUD modules and also adds some new features for quest tracking and meditating without a menu. You can use all of the options mod has, or turn some of them off.

1. Quality of Life features

- 3D markers for tracked quest: this feature shows tracked quest map marker(s) (and also user map markers) as floating text while using witcher senses (see screenshots).

- Non-intrusive compass: you can use it instead of minimap and together with 3D markers feature. You can choose to project 3D markers on compass and configure compass to show up in witcher senses only.

- Quick access to potions, bombs and oils via Radial Menu using hotkeys/controller D-Pad.

- Quick switching between crossbow and last used bomb.

- An option to switch talk bubble/text over NPCs heads on and off as well as other interaction markers.

- Control over auto-refilling of potions during meditation.

- Real time meditation: holding a hotkey (N) allows you to enter new "Exploration Meditation" state with no menu and an ability to see world around you while time fast-forwards. While regular "menu meditation" mode removes all buffs and refills potions and stats no matter how long you meditated, "exploration meditation" updates buffs and regenerates stats in real time multiplied by acceleration factor. Sun and Stars skill is actually useful now! Acceleration factor increases slowly up to maximum value while pressing a hotkey.

2. Non-intrusive customizable HUD

- Hold-to-see feature: the mod redesigns default keys to work in two different ways - when you hold M (map) key minimap is displayed temporarily; when you hold J (journal) key the same happens to active quest info; holding K (character screen) hotkey temporarily displays character information related modules, namely Wolf Medallion module (health/stamina), Buffs module (active buffs), Items module (equipped items in quick slots) and Damaged Items module; Holding Enter (pause menu) displays character information modules, minimap module and quest info module simultaneously. Pressing these keys still works as usual, bringing up respective menus. Note: disable relevant HUD modules using in-game settings to be able to use hold-to-see feature. Also note, that you don't have to disable each of these modules if you don't like it. You can disable minimap only, for example, and use M key to show it temporarily, the rest of the modules won't be affected by the rest of the hotkeys (temporarily hidden modules will be shown temporarily if requested, but otherwise normal module behavior is preserved).

- "Pin it" feature: you can temporarily "pin" modules and module groups by holding right shift (default) and pressing M, J, K or Enter keys. Associated modules will be pinned and visible until you press right shift + corresponding key again.

- You can configure some of the modules to show up under certain circumstances only. Default configuration is: healthbar, buffs, items and damaged items in combat; minimap in real time meditation; items in radial menu; healthbar on vitality changed. Again, these work if you have relevant modules disabled with in-game settings. See Configuration section for more information.

- You can change zoom levels for minimap when inside, outside and on boat (by default map is zoomed out when inside and outside twice as compared to vanilla, boat zoom is the same as vanilla).

- You can pause game at any time, even in dialogs and cutscenes (except movies).

- Quest markers for NPCs that are active quest targets are now shown regardless of whether you're currently tracking their quests or not.

3. Menu enhancements

- You can set min and max zoom values for map (they're already slightly increased compared to vanilla by default) and enable unlimited zoom
(already enabled by default).

- You can disable inventory access in combat (access is enabled by default as in vanilla game).

- You can choose which tab to open first when entering the inventory (default is alchemy tab - bomb, oils, potions).

- You can set inventory tabs for which new items will never be marked as new (with * symbol). See Configuration section of the readme for more information.

- You can enter game menu directly from dialogues, cutscenes and movies. Known bug: movies are not paused when entering menu (but dialogues and
cutscenes are).

- You can see true item price while bartering as well as how many of this item you already have (in stash and total).

- New recipes and crafting schematics are now marked with asterisks and easier to locate.

- You can buy missing ingredients from alchemists same as from blacksmiths/armorers.

4. Miscellaneous

- You can enable/disable auto sword sheathing/switching.
- You can hide enemy levels and damage info.
- You can turn witcher senses hotkey into toggle switch.

5. Thanks

AnotherSymbiote for No Talk Icon mod (original code used with his permission).
Extravagant Aardvark for Nonintrusive Compass Directions mod (included by his request).
Janiskeisari for Enhanced Menus mod (included features still missing in vanilla with his permission, the mod is no longer supported since patch 1.21).
- Yesin for German translation.

triskl3 for Brazilian Portuguese translation.
- aeN for Italian translation.
- pat_sch for French translation.
- mbcz123 for Chinese translation.
BowmoreLover for Japanese translation.
iguruspain for Spanish translation.
- Arthandas9 for Polish translation.

6. Recommended mods

All Quest Objectives On Map by Wolfmark. Merge with Script Merger.
Colored Map Markers by DJ_Kovrik.
Sort Everything by DJ_Kovrik. Merge with Script Merger.
Selectable Main Menu by alt4. Merge with Script Merger.