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This mod works with STLM 3.1.1 to attempt to achieve the closest look possible to the 2014 build.

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This ReShade preset makes use of ReShade 3.0's special effects alongside STLM 3.1.1 to give the game the slightly more realistic and bright lighting feel, without washing out the colour palette. It also makes good use of bloom and lens dirt to give the strong and almost cinematic lighting effects show in the E3 2014 build, without blinding you entirely with overpowered brightness. The view distance and overall detail has been improved to closely mimic the E3 gameplay. Hope everyone enjoys, and stay tuned for possibly another update. Cheers!
~ Shirataki                

   Change log 1.1:
- Increased view distance and detail in the mountains as seen in E3
- Better Ambient Lighting
- Balanced level of clarity to better expose details without creating too much contrast
- Added daltonization to lighten objects and show detail more at greater distances
- Colorfulness to fix sky saturation 
- Color Matrix to better distinguish the skybox 
- Adaptive Sharpening to improve overall detail

                       INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS

 Step 1: Go to reshade.me and click the download button directly in the middle of the screen. The page will bring you to the bottom; click download again. ( It's very simple and clean, you'll find it, trust me.)

Step 2: Run the ReShade_Setup_3.0.6.exe. An installation menu will come up that reads:
Select a Game. Click Select a Gameand navigate to your witcher3.exe file. This should be located in ProgramFiles(x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Witcher3/bin/x64. Make sure you select the executable, the actual game launcher.

Step 3: The ReShade setup will now tell you to selecet a rendering API. Select the middle choice: Direct3D 10+ . Make sure you click it. You'll then be asked if you want to download effects for reshade, click ok. Once it gives you the full list of effects, leave them all checked, and click ok. It will tell you ReShade has been successfully installed.

Step 4: Now, once you have installed ReShade 3.0, drag the contents of my ReShade (reshade-shaders, dxgi.dll, and E3.ini) into your x64 folder. Overwrite the files when prompted to do so.
                                           And that's it, you're done! Sorry for the lack of an installation tutorial previously, I uploaded early in the morning and was low on time. Let me know if anyone still has problems down in the Posts section! Cheers!