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You may have seen that this mod will now be included in the upcoming "next-gen" patch for the Witcher III. While I don't have any details on exactly which parts are included,  CDPR kindly reached out to use my mod as part of the bug fixing for the new update. This only covered the work done by myself, as I can not give permission on behalf of others. So anything in the documentation credited to other users in the notes below is not included, but may have been modified or fixed by CDPR themselves, given that they have seemingly added many small bug fixes.

Thank you for the downloads and support over the years, I am happy that it is now official :)

I will of course not be deleting this mod or anything, but I imagine that after the update on December 14th 2022 it will be largely redundant!


Fixes the following issues:

VERSION 1.00: 

- Eliminates blue line on Kaer Morehn and Viper armor sets - thanks to ScoutBr0 for featuring the old armor files needed to fix this
- Eliminates blue lines on Eternal Fire Priest clothing
- Darkens bright orange soles on Superior / Mastercrafted Ursine boots
- Fiend / Chort AI no longer passive - thanks to Wasteland Ghost for hosting the old version of the file needed to fix this)
- Gets rid of the bug that CAUSES the Corvo Bianco table to disappear in the epilogue of Blood & Wine (leaving a floating mug and candle in midair) - it will NOT put the table back if it's already gone, sorry
- Fixes various annoying water glitches in Novigrad, as featured in my own earlier mod


ADDED IN 1.01:

- Fixes floating spikes on Superior and Mastercrafted Griffin Armor shoulder
- Fixes a clipping error with the 1st tier Ursine Armor sleeve
- Various floating props fixed / hidden (ie; the floating saw /bow thing near Dandelion's Inn)
- Included fix for the clipping on Yennifer's chest that was addressed in ziraelxx's excellent mod here
- Added a separate file without any changes to Witcher armors (blue lines and orange soles will be present)
- Added a separate file where ALL Witcher armors are reverted to their older models. 
- Gave the mod a more appropriate name (-__-)


ADDED IN 1.02:

- Misc floating prop fixes (ie; floating lamp in Beauclair tailor)
- Removed the glitched doors in the Beauclair catacombs / graveyard area, it is now an open doorway as intended.


ADDED IN 1.03:

- More fixes in Beauclair + removed another set of glitched catacomb doors
- Fixed a bug where Roach has one white eye when using the "demon saddle" from Hearts of Stone, both eyes now appear dark red (see below)


ADDED IN 1.04:

- Fixes for Roach's eyes when using the "demon saddle" - both eyes are now white. This is how it is meant to be - the demonic horse model now matches the dog and cat from Hearts of Stone: black body, white eyes.


ADDED IN 1.05:

- LOTS more floating prop fixes - torches, signpost in Skellige, several more
- Mesh correction for hanging ember bowl - flames no longer clip through the bottom of the bowl


ADDED IN 1.06:

- Further refinements to Novigrad water - another very small instance of bugged water in the canals was fixed
- Refinements to priest texture fix - a bug was causing some red robes to appear as white - fixed now
- Fixed a mistake causing some clipping errors with Tourney quest armor & glove combinations
- Aerondight no longer clips through its scabbard
- Fixed one of the common roadsign models in which the signs were not touching the post
- Mesh corrections for some assets like clothes lines that would often hover slightly above the ground
- Gaetan from "Where the Cat and Wolf Play" is no longer wearing bright red clown boots anymore - just a simple black pair now


ADDED IN 1.07:

- Hand-edited Kaer Morehn and Viper Armor textures, so you can now dye the Viper Armor again
- Slightly moved the garrison doors in White Orchard so they don't open onto the guards and then rapidly swing back and forth
- Long hairstyles now properly tuck under high-collared armor styles (Wolven, Witch Hunter, etc) - many thanks to Hertores' great work
- 1.07b was just a repack of 1.07 - something went wrong with the upload and some things weren't working as intended.


ADDED IN 1.08:

- Fixed the gaps in the Vespula (laundry woman) character model
- Also fixed some other meshes that caused similar gaps in generic Novigrad NPCs
- Cleaned up some blue lines on some Skellige NPC models
- Covered up a "hole" in the world in the cave beneath Temple Island, where you go for the Feline Armor quest
- Fixed a gap where the Grandmaster Ursine gloves didn't quite meet Geralt's wrists


ADDED IN 1.09:

MOST IMPORTANT FIX YET: Moved a piece of hovering horse dung in Hierarch Square
- Slightly altered the shape of boats so that Geralt's swords no longer clip through when sailing
- Fixed a bug where fast traveling to Novigrad Harbor would cause your boat to be partially underwater
- Skellige gambeson is reverted to its original checker-board texture. This fix is not included in the "No Armor" version if you prefer the newer one.
- Fixed swords clipping problems for:
  • Gesheft
  • The tourney reward swords (Geralt & Ravix)
  • Superior & Mastercrafted Feline Steel Swords
  • Grandmaster Griffin Steel Sword
  • Grandmaster Ursine Steel Sword


ADDED IN 1.10:

- GREAT NEWS: ALL sword clipping errors fixed via scabbard changes - all runes now displaying properly, sword meshes untouched
- Nevertheless, I still removed all scabbard / sword changes from the "lite" version of the mod because there are some extensive XML edits
- Fixed clipping errors on Griffin Armor sleeves with certain pairs of gloves
- Further fixes for Gesheft clipping - no longer goes through the back of the scabbard
- Viper pants now properly display their full version, no more gap when paired with certain armors (credit to Gano for discovering how to fix this!)
- Fixed a bug where a certain ship model's masts were visible at long range, but its hull was not (see images)
- Fixed a typo in an XML file that caused two different scabbard templates to display the same model - there should now be slightly more variety in generic scabbards
- Olgierd's sword Iris now uses the same scabbard model as Olgierd himself (inspired by iZMethos' awesome mod - plus mine also makes Olgierd's scabbard exclusive, no other swords will use it)
- DISCLAIMER: The scabbard models for the vampire silver sword and two Ofir sabres have changed ever-so-slightly.... long story


ADDED IN 1.11:

- Fixed up the boat - with some minor changes made - so no more clipping, floating rudder, or any other weirdness. Tiny update in terms of visuals but this was a MASSIVE amount of work.


ADDED IN 1.12:

- Improved a few really egregious instances of road decals hovering above the road itself, in Beauclair and Novigrad. Please note that these can't be "fixed" entirely for a number of reasons - mainly because they are flat decals on bumpy surfaces - but they aren't hovering as high as they were before.



+ PROBABLY will not work without Hearts of Stone, Blood & Wine, and all of the free DLC packs installed +

+ No scripts in this mod +

+ Superior / Mastercrafted Ursine boots are no longer able to be dyed, as this reverts them to their old textures +

+ Installation is same as any other mod - unzip and drop into your mods folder +