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Increases mesh geometry and uses a 4k diffuse and normal map

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 This mod changes the stone debris and other various rocks and support beams. I have increased the meshes geometry to provide less jagged edges and remove the ugly pyramids pointing out of the stone debris, also the LOD has been increased on the meshes so that it looks just as good from far distances. I have also given the stone debris a 4k resolution diffuse map, and a 4k resolution normal map. If the file is broken just download it with mirror. The file includes the mesh and texture separately so that you can choose what you want to use, just for those who may like the mesh but not the texture, or vise versa. I want to note that in my pictures I'm using Halks HD Reworked mod, So the big beautiful rocks were not created by me and are not a part of the mod. One other thing, I believe that the game will only display 2k textures, in order to use the 4k textures I recommend downloading Marvel Masters Ultimate Graphics Options Mod. From there you can easily set the games max resolution texture size to 4k as well as various other helpful options to get the most out of the graphics.

 To install just unzip the files into your Witcher 3 (Mods) directory.
 To uninstall just delete the files from your Mods directory