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This is combination of the highest quality mods that improve quality of life and balance to make TW2EE more enjoyable experience.

Permissions and credits
Before attempting another playthrough I've discovered some amazing mods that would make the game a little more balanced and 'playable' as for 2018. Unfortunately some of them were described as incompatible and there was no easy way to install them all togther. So I decided to create new combination of those mods with few tweaks for easier future playthrough.
I'm not the author of any mod contained in combination and described below. I've just merged them, fixed some compatibility issues and made some other tweaks. All credits go to original mod creators (list and links at the credits section [at the end]).


List of used mods & changes:
-Most tweaks from Enhanced Mod Compilation (minimal version) including:
*Better inventory management (item tag in front of name which improves sorting)
*Auto loot drop from fallen enemies (excluding quest items)
*All items weight reduced to 0
*No more 'cinematic' finishers on stunned/knocked down enemies during fight unless the target is the boss or last enemy (then there's 50% chance to play)
*Display level 2 descriptions and mutagens slots on unacquired abilities/talents
*Learning new abilities no longer requires you to meditate on higher difficulties
*Removed all intro videos except CDPR
*Respec potions available @Act 1 & 2: Mysterious Merchant; Act 3: Bras (swords)
-Better combat for EE with Darkness + some slight adjusts, the most significant ones:
*Removed night double damage bonus for enemies
*Reduced the double Vitality bonus for all enemies by 25% (so now they have 150% of base-vanilla vitality, instead of 200%)
*Quen damage endurance decreased from 100 to 25 (Quen should absorb only ~2-3 hits)
*Reduced vitality regen while Quen is active (x0.3)
*Reduced signspower bonus damage (from runes, potions and gear, not power from abilites/talents) while Quen is active (x0.8)
*Rebalanced all signs trying to make the worst ones a little more useful and the bests a bit less overpowered
*Geralt's vitality gain per level changed to: 4 hp for lvls 2-11, 3 for lvls 12-23 and 2 for lvls 24+ (from 4 for all lvls) to make game difficulty more equal
*Changed Footwork ability to make it useful since enhanced dodge distance doesn't work with new dodge animation
*Updated abilities descriptions to represent its actual effects and added more details to some of them. [english language only]
-CEO - Complete Equipment Overhaul (hotfixed) + Mutagenology
-Enhanced Camera
-Pirouette dodge
-No heartbeat for Cat potion
-Grass color fix (Vergen included)
-Radovid persuasion fix

Other tweaks:
-Added Dice Poker Cheat (dice thrown outside of board will always drop 6 - using this method will not grant the "Poker!" achievement)
-Added fake sprint mechanism. Simply tap walk [SHIFT],  dodge [SPACE] or block key [E] to toggle 'sprint' mode while exploring and Geralt will move ~30% faster. However, the only known way to make Geralt move faster is to speed up the animations so unfortunately Geralt moves a bit less naturally while sprinting. Once you enter combat or conversation, the animation speed will get back to normal value
-Speeded up climbing the ladder, door opening and other traverse animations by ~30%
-Speeded up meditation animations like drinking potions by ~100%
-Increased fist fight QTE timer (2 seconds)
-Reduced medalion cooldown to 1 second
-Removed Dark Mode effects from Dark Weapons
-Rebalanced instant kill mechanism:
*gear and skills instant kill multipliers doesn't work on bosses with health above 67% (no more lucky one shot boss kill) and non-boss enemies above 95% (can insta kill only wounded enemy)
*stunned/knocked down enemy finishers (insta kills) works only on boss rank enemies with health below 25% and all other enemies below 50%


Copy zip's content into your The Witcher 2\CookedPC\ directory and overwrite if prompted.


Remove previously copied files inside CookedPC dir.

If you need original-vanilla files backup, there is another zip in download section.


All credits go to original mod creators:
-Enhanced Mod Compilation by QuietusPlus (
-Pirouette Dodge by rustine & Flash (
-CEO - Complete Equipment Overhaul by Kindo (
-Better Combat for EE with Darkness by blackninjato & Lautreamont (
-Mutagenology by Kamilius (
-Enhanced Camera by JackBaldy & rustine (
-Radovic Persuasion Fix by TGirgis (
-No heartbeat for cat potion by Murkeli (
-Grass color fix by Diegog5 (
-Grass color fix for Vergen by roggan (
-Increased Fist Fight QTE Timer by shiki00 (


There are some cutscenes or quests that reset camera settings to the game's default. In that case just tap H button (Show/Hide UI) twice and camera position will revert back to modded one.

You can change camera field of view, zoom and position under [Gameplay] tag in User.ini file. The file is located in 'Documents/Witcher2/Config' folder and the changes apply next time you start the game.
If the tag is missing, simple add the following 5 lines at the end of User.ini file and change their values as you prefer:

CameraFOV sets the field of view.(max value=120, min value=1)
CameraInOut sets the zoom of the camera. Higher number means further camera.(max value=5, min value=-3)
CametaLeftRight and UpDown are clear.(max value=5, min value =-5 for both options)

This mod worked with TW2EE v3.5.0.26(A) [GOG, eng]
Probably doesn't work with tutorial - so better just skip it.
For best experience it is recommended to play with Dark or High difficulty level.
You are free to redistribute and use this mod in any way you wish. Just remember to credit all original mods creators!